Where and by whom Philips TVs are made

You should know that Philips stopped manufacturing home appliances, including televisions, in 2012. But a trademark is money, so the right to manufacture and sell televisions was licensed to other companies. Funai bought the right to manufacture and sell Philips TVs on the North American continent. TP Vision Technology, a Chinese corporation, purchased the right in other countries. The same company also manufactures Philips monitors.

Who makes Philips TVs 2012-2022

Who makes Philips TVs: Until 2012, Philips TVs were produced by the Philips TV company. In 2012, the Philips brand was licensed for production by third-party companies. Philips got rid of the television business. Philips now has nothing to do with Philips TVs. To be precise, the TP Vision joint venture was first created with TPV Technology at 70% and Philips at 30% as founders. In 2014, Philips sold its stake to TPV.

This massive phenomenon occurred from 2012- 2014 when TV manufacturing companies sold their businesses. There was increased competition, especially from Chinese TV manufacturers, and a downward trend in TV sales in those years. The same fate befell other TV manufacturers, Sharp and Toshiba.
Today, Philips televisions are manufactured and developed by TPV; only the name and the fact that the televisions are licensed on one Philips website are left of Philips. Visitors to the site are given a false impression that Philips makes the televisions.

Philips TV brand licensees

Who is really behind the production of Philips-branded televisions? TP Vision, headquartered in Hong Kong, purchased the license to manufacture Philips TVs. But only to sell TVs in Europe, Asia, China, Africa, and South America. The same company is in the business of making televisions. For the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and some other countries in the Americas, the Japanese company Funai has a license for the brand. In addition to the brand Philips, it also owns brands Magnavox, Sanyo, and Kodak.

Philips TV production (Funai) North America

In North America, Philips televisions are manufactured by Funai. Funai has represented Philips TVs in North America since 2008 (it was a sales representative and sold TVs). Since 2013, Funai has been manufacturing Philips-branded TVs independently (under license).

Funai is an OEM manufacturer of electronics that produces various devices under any brand at the customer’s request. Funai plants are located in China, but recently, amid trade disputes between the U.S. and China. Funai is considering moving TV production to Thailand, Vietnam, or Mexico.
In 2013, an agreement was reached between Funai and Philips. According to this, Funai was to buy electronics production plants in Mexico from Philips. But at the last stage, Funai declined such an investment. As a result, Philips spun off production in Mexico into a separate company. And sold it in 2014, but no more televisions were made in Mexico.

Judging by the TVs on the Philips website in the U.S., Philips TVs are losing popularity among customers. There are no new 2022 models. Walmart offers 2017 TVs. This can be determined by the model number in more detail in the article Philips TV model number by the year.

Where Philips TVs are made (TP Vision)

Different from the U.S., the brand has been more hyped in Europe; many people don’t even know that Philips hasn’t made televisions in 10 years. Therefore, the range of Philips TVs is quite broad. Every year, TPV updates its line of TVs. Now about television manufacturing.

TP Vizion makes all the TV components in China. The Smart TVs have the Android open-source operating system. Android is used by all contract TV assemblers. TP Vizion has 13 factories in Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Poland; another seven factories are located in China and produce TVs and TV accessories. The plant in Mexico does not make televisions. TP Vision is also an OEM manufacturer of TVs. The company makes televisions to order. To minimize taxes, it is more advantageous to have the final assembly of the televisions done in the sales regions. Therefore, the company has factories in other countries, just assembly lines, and logistics to deliver the TVs to retailers. That’s where the Philips TV assembly plants are.

Philips TV factory in Poland

One of TP Vizion’s largest factories is in Poland; the factory is located in Gorzow Wielkopolski. TPV Displays Polska was founded in Poland to produce televisions. At this factory, TVs from components are not only assembled. Printed circuit boards for televisions are also produced. The capacity of the plant allows the production of about 4 million televisions per year. Philips TVs from the Polish factory are mainly sold in Europe.

Philips TV factory in Russia

In Russia, Philips TPV televisions are assembled in the village of Shushary. AOC televisions are also assembled at this plant. The capacity of the assembly facility is about one million televisions a year. Only the TV sets are assembled at the factory from the components supplied from China. TVs from the Russian factory are sold in Russia and Asia.

Philips TV factory in Brazil

Until 2016, there were two assembly plants in Brazil: one in Jundiai and the other in Manaus. The factory in Jundiai was closed. Now Philips televisions are assembled in Manaus. The televisions are mainly destined for Brazil.

Philips TV factory in Argentina

In Argentina, the Philips TV factory is located in the city of Rio Grande. The factory produces televisions for Argentina. It is one of the oldest factories; it started operating in 1982.

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  1. How do I rotate the screen of my Philips TV. All my pictures are upside down.
    TV model: 40PFL8664H/12
    Please help.

    • First question, did you do something with the engineering settings of the TV? This usually happens if you select the wrong type of display matrix. If you have not done anything, there is most likely a fault in the display control board.

  2. I purchased a 75 inch Philips TVs and within the year it broke so the place that I was paying on it. Gave me another one exactly the same I’ve had it for eight months and this one broke. I am very unhappy with this company Phillips. I paid all that money for a TV that breaks down within a year. Where can I call to complain

  3. I’m trying to file a claim for my phillips 50 inch android tv that I purchased from walmart, I’m going through (square trade) an allstate company to go through the warranty, and in the process of this, I’m being told that since my purchase for this tv was less than a year ago, that I should go thtough the manufacturer’s warranty. So I’ve been prompted to a page that is asking for the name of the manufacturer but I’m having no real luck with finding a specific name. I’ve put funai into the box that asks for the manufacture’s name but that one isn’t an option. Can I please get a specific name for who manufacture’s phillips tv’s. Or more specifically, phillips 50″ android tv’s with google assistant? Thank you

  4. My name is Sheila Johnson I live in Houston Texas I need a remote control for my Philip TV could you please let me know in my email how can I get another boat control for the Philips TV I misplaced it and I don’t know where it’s at

    • see what model of TV you have, then find a compatible remote on Amazon.com


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