Simplink LG TV what is it explained


What is Simplink TV LG

SIMPLINK is a technology that allows you to use the TV remote control to control the basic functions of other devices connected to the TV via HDMI.
For example, using the LG TV remote control you can control the acoustics: adjust the volume, control the Blu-ray player: play, pause, fast rewind. Also, all devices can automatically turn on (from standby mode) when you turn on the TV and turn off when you turn off the TV.
Simplink uses the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) standard, the TV acts as the main device, the control devices must be compatible.

What is simplink LG TV

As an increasing number of different devices, such as the viewer can use in addition to the TV, satellite receiver, DVD player, home theater system there is a disadvantage to the management, it is necessary to use multiple remote controls.

To get rid of the plurality of remotes has come up with various device management technology with a single remote control, using as a channel of transmission of control signals, HDMI connection.

The technology is the name of the HDMI CEC (synchronization via HDMI CEC devices).

Since the technology was invented before the era of the emergence of smart phones on the Android operating system, and flat-panel TVs special thrust to the development of it has not received. Nevertheless, manufacturers used and apply it in their devices and invented their own names. So LG has called this technology Simplink.

Simplink explained

Simplink – This is the commercial name of the LG TV technology that LG came up with for the standard device control using the HDMI CEC protocol.

HDMI CEC is standardized in the HDMI specification. But TV support is optional. For Simplink to work, you must have a controller routine in the OS on the TV.

How Simplink Works

To control other devices connected to the TV, do the following. Check if all devices support HDMI CEC technology. Turn on Simplink on the TV (in the TV menu). If you need to enable HDMI CEC on other devices. Check the operation of all devices. To do this, just turn off the TV, all devices that are controlled by Simplink should also disconnect.

Notes: devices of various manufacturers and years of manufacture may not work as needed. As a rule, the reason for such inconsistencies is that the HDMI CEC protocol does not use all commands by different devices, but the basic commands should work.


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