FRC screen what is it

What is frc monitor, TV?

If the technical specifications indicate that the FRC monitor. It is necessary to understand the following, a cheap matrix is installed in the monitor, but to increase the number of shades of the color scale, the backlight is blinking. Visually it will seem more shades of color.
Such screens are installed in monitors slightly above the middle class. But these are not top monitors.

The monitors manufacturers can specify the color depth or the amount of transmitted colors. The monitor screen can reproduce colors with the number of colors such as 8 bits, color has a depth of 2 to 8 bit, this means that a single color can be displayed with 256 shades in turn shades can be combined display matrix may reflect the three color (blue, green red) the number of colors in 8 bit monitor matrix will 256x256x256 = 16777216 it to 16.7 million colors.

How many color shades can the screens convey

Monitor 6 bit color

6 bit – 0.26 mln. colors, cheapest monitors are used for office work, it is not designed to work with graphics. Such screen matrixes are installed in cheap monitors and televisions. Leading manufacturers of televisions and monitors do not install such screens in their devices.

Monitor 8 bit color

8 bit – 16.7 mln. colors,  mid-range monitors are suitable for graphics, not professional. The most common type of screens, 90% of TVs and monitors with such screens.

Monitor 10 bit color

10bit – 1,07 billion colors, such monitors are suitable for working with photos and other works requiring high quality color transitions.

Computer Video Card is able to transfer the color depth is usually not less than 8 bits, and the more powerful 10-bit.

To adapt to the capabilities of graphics cards monitors, was coined by dithering or technology (FRC) Frame rate control. To create a greater number of colors was invented to make blinking pixels. Due to this improvement the visual perception of shades of colors became more and matrices were designated A-FRC.

Monitor and TV (8bit+A-FRC), (8bit+FRC)

(8bit+A-FRC) – if the characteristics of the monitor to meet such designation is necessary to understand that the actual monitor can display an image with 8-bit, but it is applied FRC technology and visual image will be comparable to the monitor having a color depth of 10 bits.

But why is it necessary, studies have shown that most people can distinguish up to 10 million colors, and depending on the level of the physiology of individual perception of colors ranges from 3,000 to 10 million. People can recognize millions of colors 1-3 by 1000. So why 10-bit panel, if a person is unable to recognize a greater number of colors. The answer to individual perception, who sees more shades with red or green.

But to solve the majority of problems with the graphics is enough 8-bit monitor.

Also note that in the manufacture of monitors with a color depth of 10bit used high-quality materials. For example, Samsung produces displays using ultra-small crystals. The commercial name Quantum Dot Displays. LG is a similar display technology like Nanocell and OLED.

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