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SIMPLINK is a technology that allows you to use your TV remote control to control the essential functions of other devices connected to your TV through HDMI.
For example, you can use the LG TV remote control to control your speaker system: adjust the volume, control your Blu-ray player: play, pause, and fast forward. In addition, all devices can automatically turn on (from standby) when the TV is turned on and turn off when the TV is turned off.
Simplink uses the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) standard, with the TV acting as the primary device. All devices you want to control must support HDMI-CEC, i.e., be compatible.

Simplink is the commercial name for the HDMI-CEC technology that LG uses in its TVs.

Simplink LG TV why you need it

As the number of different devices, you connect to your TV increases, it could be a satellite receiver, a player, a home theater system, or a streaming device. With each device, you get a remote in a box, but it’s inconvenient to use multiple remotes, especially if you have multiple devices.
To get rid of multiple remotes, technology was invented to control devices with a single remote, using an HDMI connection as the channel to transmit control signals.

The history of Simplink, Simplink – HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

Briefly, when HDMI was invented, developers introduced CEC into the protocol. CEC was created long before digital television and was originally used in Scart, but it was not widespread due to the small number of devices connected to the television. But when digital televisions came out, they became relevant. You know that marketers made an effort to create Simplink. To write that a TV with HDMI-CEC is not impressive, but to report that a TV with a Simplink system sounds cool. That’s how the Simplink system came about in LG TVs and other devices.

Simplink explained

So you understand that Simplink, when activated, allows you to control other devices that are connected to the TV via HDMI. Simplink is not used by default and must be enabled for use.
HDMI CEC is standardized in the HDMI specification. But TV support is optional. So not all TVs have Simplink; I mean older TVs. Now, of course, all LG televisions have Simplink.

How Simplink works

As I said before, Simplink is disabled on the TV out of the box. To control other devices connected to the TV, do the following. Make sure that all devices support HDMI CEC technology. Turn on Simplink on the TV (in the TV menu). If necessary, enable HDMI CEC on other devices. Make sure that all devices are working. To do this, switch off the TV; all devices connected to the TV and controlled by Simplink should switch off. Turn on the TV, and the devices controlled by Simplink should turn on. 

Notes: Devices from different manufacturers and years of manufacture may not work as expected. Usually, the reason for such discrepancies is that the device manufacturer may not have entered all control commands. But this happens quite rarely. 

How to enable Simplink on your LG TV

The Simplink function (HDMI CEC) is in the HDMI settings. To activate Simplink, take the remote control and do the following.

Press the “settings” button (the gear button).
Select the General item in the menu that appears, which will open another submenu.
Click “Devices
Click “HDMI Settings“.
You will now see the SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC) setting; turn it on.

Simplink does not work; fix it.

  • You should know that the cable uses a separate wire that connects to pin 13 on the HDMI to control devices via HDMI. Many HDMI cable manufacturers save money and sometimes make cables without HDMI CEC support. Check to see if your cable supports HDMI CEC.
  • The LG TV supports up to 3 devices that HDMI can control. If you have more devices, some of them may not be connected.
  • The device you want to control must support HDMI CEC.
  • The device you want to control must have HDMI CEC enabled.

Check that all conditions for proper Simplink operation are met.

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