Samsung monitor model numbers decode by year 2011-2020 explained


What does the marking of Samsung monitors mean? It contains information about the main parameters of the monitor, understanding the marking greatly facilitates the selection of monitors. In recent years, the order of formation of the model number of the monitor has changed several times, this is due to the introduction of new technologies.

What does Samsung monitor model number mean

Let’s see how Samsung designates its monitors, it will help you choose the monitor that you like best. Note that the models of monitors are produced for several years, the store may have monitors designed 2-4 years ago. But every year Samsung presents new monitors. By the model number you can determine in which year the model was developed, as well as the main parameters of the monitor. The date of production, with details up to one month, you can find out on the sticker or by the serial number of the monitor. Samsung annually presents about 20 new models of monitors, and hundreds of models of monitors of different years can be offered in the store.

Model number format of Samsung monitors since 2019

In connection with the release of a series of monitors, such as Odyssey, Samsung has changed the marking on some models of monitors. And monitor model numbers have the following form LC27G55TQWNXZA, LF24T650FYUXEN, LC32T550FDNXZA

Example of Samsung Monitor Model Number from 2019 LC27G55TQWNXZA

  • L – LED backlight monitor
    • C – curved screen monitor
    • S – standard monitor
    • U – monitor with UHD resolution.
    • T – monitor with built-in tuner.
    • F – flat panel monitor
  • 27 – monitor diagonal size in inches
  • G – a series of game monitors
  • 55 – monitor series and model
  • T – 2020
    • R – 2019
  • Q – resolution
  • W – body color
  • NX – technical features
  • ZA – country for which the monitor is made

Samsung monitor model numbers from 2017

At the end of 2016 the production of monitors with screens on quantum dots began, in connection with this, changes were made in the designation of the model number of the monitor, the letter identifying the monitor with a QLED screen was added. The basic marking has not been changed.

What do Samsung monitor model numbers mean Samsung monitor (2008-2017) explanation

What do samsung monitor model numbers mean explained

So let’s explain what the Samsung monitor model number means.

  • The first letter indicates the type of monitor L – LED backlight.
  • The second letter in the model number is the type of monitor, Samsung divides monitors into the following types.
    • C, V – monitor with a curved screen
    • S is a standard monitor, this implies that the resolution in the monitor is less than UHD.
    • U – monitor with UHD resolution.
    • T – monitor with built-in tuner.
  • 24 screen size, diagonal in inches

How to find out what year the Samsung monitor

The model number has a letter that indicates the year of development of the monitor model. It should be noted that Samsung can repeat the models of previous years (to produce new releases of monitors). For example, in 2016 the model C24F390FH was presented. In 2019 a new release of the old monitor model C24F396FHN was released. But we will pay tribute to the company Samsung, they do not hide that this is just a release of an old model. Year of development of the model is indicated by the following letters of the alphabet.

  • F – year of development and start selling
    • A – 2011
    • B – 2012
    • С – 2013
    • D – 2014
    • E – 2015
    • F – 2016
    • H – 2017
    • J – 2018
    • R – 2019
    • T – 2020
  • G – gaming monitor
  • 7 – series
  • 0 – model in series

  • G – Gaming monitor, also have the same designation and televisions with screens on quantum dots.
  • 7 – monitor series, the larger the number, the better the monitor.
  • 0 – model in the series
  • F – screen resolution, everything is standard here
    • F – Full HD
    • U – UHD
    • H – HD
  • Q – design, usually the color of the monitor body.
  • I is the region for which the TV was produced.
    • I – CIS
    • U – Europe
    • N – America

Samsung 2016 monitor model number designation

Identifying Monitor Samsung 2012-2016 en1

Monitor designation, curved or not, moved to the very beginning of the designation.
Matrix resolution began after a series of point because it does not permit the standard thing of the past that were HD, Full HD, UHD. The next letter after the resolution refers to the color of the monitor. The last letter indicates which region promoted the monitor.


  • L – LED backlight
  • C – monitor type С-curved, S– standard
  • 27 – screen size
  • F – year of development
    • С – 2013
    • D – 2014
    • E – 2015
    • F – 2016
  • 5 –  series
  • 91 – model a series
  • F – resolution screen U – UHD, F – Full HD, H – HD
  • D – color monitor housing H – black glossy, D – gray, W – white
  • U – country for which promoted monitor U – Europe, N – US, Canada, E – Asia-pacific, L – Latin America

Decode Samsung monitors model number  up to 2016

Identifying Monitor Samsung 2012-2015 en


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