The Samsung CU8000 and CU7000 TVs belong to the Crystal UHD line (2023), the cheapest TVs Samsung offers. Budget TVs, the LED screens in these TVs are made in the factories of previous generations. The TV has a small price tag, don’t be surprised that you might see screen flares in this TV, especially in the dark, but you can also buy a pretty good TV you will like. In these TVs, the screens are made by Chinese manufacturers; what kind of display the TV will have is unknown. For example, there is the 58CU7000 TV model; as you understand, this screen is 58 inches diagonal. If you look at the TV market, such displays are made by Hisense and TCL; Samsung has long been buying third-party displays for its budget Crystal UHD series.

Differences between Samsung CU7000 and CU8000 TVs

As I wrote earlier, these 2023 TVs are from the same series; the price of the TVs is also slightly different. The CU7000 model is cheaper; for example, the 55-inch TV 55CU7000 is cheaper than the 55CU8000 by about $100.
To make it easier for you to navigate the differences, I’ll talk about the main parameters of the TVs and note the differences between them.

Samsung CU7000 and CU8000 displays

Pay little attention to the displays; they are the same; they are the cheapest screens with EDGE backlighting and a frame rate of 60 Hz. They have virtually no screen darkening, or instead, they do, but you can only darken half of the screen. There will be no black in these TVs, only gray. This is a feature of LED; if you watch TV in the light, you are most likely satisfied with the TV. The color depth is claimed to be 10 bits (8 bits +FRC), which allows you to show about 1 billion shades. The actual display has a color depth of 8 bits, i.e., it can show 16 million shades; using dithering (FRC), the rapid blinking backlight theoretically could raise the number of shades, but in reality, it will never be a billion shades.

The fundamental differences between Samsung CU7000 and CU8000 TVs

There is a whole list of differences between these televisions. Below I will describe each difference between the TVs in detail.

The number of USB ports: the CU7000 has one USB port, and the CU8000 has two.
Support for voice assistants: the CU7000 can work with voice assistants. CU8000 has built-in voice assistants.
Different remote controls: UC7000 remote TM2240A (Smart remote without microphone). UC8000 remote TM2360E has a microphone and solar panel.

The difference in the USB ports.

The CU7000 just decided to make only one USB port. Technically it’s easy to make two ports, but that must have been the idea; the UC8000 has two USB ports.

Voice Assistant Support

Voice assistants can only control the CU7000 TV. For example, if you have an Alexa dot, you can tell the TV to turn up the volume or switch channels. You need to set it up through Samsung’s smart home app to do this.
With the CU8000 TV, assistants are built into the TV, you need to select Alexa as the active voice assistant, and you can control other devices through the TV. For example, you can ask Alexa to turn off the lights in the room by using the TV remote.

Differences in remote controls

The CU7000 comes with a remote without a microphone, you can’t use the TV for commands and voice control. The CU8000 comes with a new type of remote, smaller and with a microphone in the remote. You can control the TV with your voice and work with the voice assistant built into the TV. The remote also has a built-in solar panel for recharging the remote.

You realize that the UC7000 TV has fewer features than the UC8000 TV. But if you don’t use voice assistants, you can buy the CU7000 and save some money.

Other differences

There are a few other differences between the CU7000 and CU8000; these differences can be at the software and physical level; in fact, the motherboards for the TVs are different.

The CU7000 TV does not support standby power for the WiFi modules and the LAN port. Because of this, you won’t be able to turn this TV on using Alexa and other voice assistants over the internet. You can only turn on the TV with the remote control or via HDMI using additional devices that can be woken up over the network, and they, in turn, will turn on the TV (Anynet must be turned on on the TV). The CU8000 has a WOW and WOL function that allows you to control the TV, turn it on remotely.

Samsung CU8000 and CU7000 TVs comparison table

CU8000 (2023) CU7000 (2023)
Screen Size43", 50", 55", 65", 75"43", 50", 55", 58", 65", 70", 75"
StyleFlat PanelFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
screen bit8 bit + FRC8 bit + FRC
type scrennLEDLED
screen technologyEDGE LEDEDGE LED
BacklightingStandard LEDStandard LED
Dimming TechnologyUHD DimmingNo
Bezel Width3 Bezel-less3 Bezel-less
Motion RateNoNo
refresh rate60Hz60Hz
ColorDynamic Crystal ColorPur Color
ContrastMega ContrastMega Contrast
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)YesYes
Picture EngineCrystal Processor 4KCrystal Processor 4K
Film ModeYesYes
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)YesYes
Motion TechnologyMotion XceleratorMotion Xcelerator
DolbyMS12 2chMS12 2ch
Dolby AtmosNoNo
Sound Output20W20W
Speaker Type2 CH2 CH
Object Tracking SoundOTS LiteOTS Lite
Q-SymphonyYes only soundbarYes only soundbar
Multiroom LinkYesYes
OSTizen 7.0Tizen 7.0
Wi-FiYes WiFi5Yes WiFi5
BluetoothYes (ver.5.2)Yes (ver.5.2)
Samsung HealthYesYes
Film ModeYesYes
Filmmaker ModeYesYes
360 Video PlayerNoNo
360 Camera SupportNoNo
Easy SetupYesYes
App CastingYesYes
Wireless TV OnYesNo
Wired TV OnYesNo
Wireless DEXYesYes
Closed CaptioningYesYes
Eco SensorYesYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
SmartThings App SupportNoNo
Far-Field Voice InteractionNoNo
TV PlusYesYes
Web BrowserYesYes
IP ControlYesYes
BT HID SupportN/AN/A
MBR SupportYesYes
IPv6 SupportNoNo
Tap ViewYesYes
Auto Game Mode (ALLM)YesYes
Multi ViewYes 2 videosNo
Game Motion PlusNoNo
Dynamic Black EQNoNo
Super Ultra Wide Game ViewNoNo
Game barNoNo
Expert CalibrationNoNo
Auto Channel SearchN/AA/A
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)NoNo
Ambient ModeNoNo
Auto Power OffYesYes
AI TechnologyNoNo
Auto Motion PlusNoNo
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
TV to Mobile - MirroringNoNo
USB HID SupportYesYes
AI UpscaleNoNo
Easy SetupYesYes
IoT HubNoNo
TV initiate mirroringNoNo
Video CommunicationGoogle MeetGoogle Meet
Inputs & Outputs
HDMI3 ver 2.03 ver 2.0
RF In (Terrestrial/CableYesYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes Europe, No USYes Europe, No US
Digital Audio Out (Optical)YesYes
Audio Return Channel SupportYesYes
One ConnectNoNo
Samsung OneRemoteYesYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC 3.0 (Canada) ATSC/ClearQAM - US: DVB- Europe ATSC 3.0 (Canada) ATSC/ClearQAM - US: DVB- Europe
Analog TunerYesYes
Remote controlTM2360E solarTM2240A

Which TV to buy, CU7000 or CU8000?

The CU8000 TV has several advantages that I’ve already mentioned. The UC8000, the ability to control Alexa and Google Assistant from the TV, and the voice control feature provided by the new remote with microphone are significant advantages for me. But if you’re buying a TV just for watching videos and are used to controlling the TV with remote control, the CU7000 is acceptable.

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