You know that Samsung offers several lines of TVs. Looking at how they are presented on the website, you can understand the division by screen type or appearance. I would divide the TVs as follows:

  • OLED TV Samsung – TVs with OLED screens
  • NeoQLED TV Samsung – TVs with screens made with quantum dot materials and other improvements such as mini backlighting.
  • QLED TV Samsung – TVs with screens on quantum dots, but made with standard technology
  • LED TV Samsung – inexpensive TV models with conventional screens

But you should know that Samsung ranks its TVs quite differently. Samsung divides televisions into groups of models and categorizes them into a specific class of devices, taking into account not only the screens but also the specifications and platforms on which the televisions are built.

Samsung 2023 TVs by series, class and ranking

You see, Samsung TVs, ranked by category, the assignment to one or another category is affected by the type of display and technical characteristics.

Samsung 2023 Premium Series TVs

The premium series includes four categories of TVs; these are models of TVs that may differ in screen type, resolution, performance, and, of course, image quality. The higher the class of TV, the better. The picture quality and capabilities of TVs differ depending on the category.

The first level of premium Samsung TVs

This class includes Samsung micro TVs, which due to their price, have remained, alas, unclaimed. And it also includes TVs with screen resolution 8K 800 and 900 series.

The second level of Samsung premium TVs.

This level includes OLED televisions with 4K and 8K screen resolution of the 700 series. The 700-series TVs have a cheaper display. The TV supports a fixed frequency of 50-60 Hz. This means that the TV has a previous generation 8K resolution display.

The third tier of Samsung premium TVs.

This is the largest segment of TVs; this category has pretty good value for money. Good displays with 4K resolution. Also, this category of TVs features good iron, fast processors, and a lot of RAM, allowing you to get the most out of the operating system. The screens are a former development of Samsung, but since 2023 it is already TCL, as Samsung sold its factory to produce LED displays, which was located in China. The Lifestyle series’ unique design TVs also fell into the same category.

The fourth level of Samsung premium TVs

These are QLED TVs of the seventh series, with slightly worse displays and less memory. The picture quality is worse than the 8 and 9 series but better than standard LED TVs. The price of the TV is also slightly less.

Standard Samsung TVs.

The Q60 and its modifications belong to this segment. This TV has an entry-level QLED display and a cheap processor. These TVs have a slightly improved LED display. The price of such a TV is lower. It is already a budget segment.

Basic level Samsung TVs

This category includes TV projectors, as well as LED TVs. The main difference is the price, such TVs are the cheapest, but they are quite suitable for the not particularly demanding buyer. The low cost is achieved at the expense of cheap components, screens, and processors.

Samsung TV comparison chart 2023

ModelSizesBacklight TypeResolutionRefresh RatePanel bit
QN900C65", 75", 85"Mini LED8k48-144Hz10 bit
QN800C65", 75", 85"Mini LED8k48-120Hz10 bit
QN700C55", 65", 75"Mini LED8k50-60Hz10 bit
S95C55", 65", 77"QD-OLED4k48-144Hz10 bit
S90C55", 65", 77"QD-OLED4k48-144Hz10 bit
QN95C55", 65", 75"Mini LED4k48-144Hz10 bit
QN90C 50", 55", 65", 75", 85"Mini LED4k48-144Hz10 bit
QN85C55", 65", 75", 85" Mini LED4k48-120Hz8 bit+ FRC
Q80C 50", 55", 65", 75", 85"LED4k48-120Hz8 bit+ FRC
Q70C55", 65", 75", 85" LED4k48-120Hz8 bit+ FRC
Q60C50", 55", 65", 75", 85" LED4k50-60Hz8 bit+ FRC
CU8000 43", 50", 55", 65", 75"LED4k50-60Hz8 bit+ FRC
CU7000 43", 50", 55", 58", 65", 70", 75"LED4k50-60Hz8 bit+ FRC

The variety of Samsung 2023 TV models is relatively small, but it is enough to allow you to choose a TV model according to your preferences. Samsung does not make TVs with Full HD screen resolution. The range of LED TVs is also reduced to a minimum, the most numerous models of TVs in the Neo QLED and QLED line. The main difference is in the displays. The better the display, the more beautiful the image on your TV screen.

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