Asus, Dell monitors technologies rewiev explained


Monitor manufacturers introduce different technologies into their products, it can be either typical technologies for monitors of different manufacturers and invented by a specific manufacturer of monitors.

Consider the technologies used in Asus monitors

What is and how it works 5-way OSD navigation joystick

  • 5-way OSD navigation joystick – On the right side of the monitor is a joystick with 5-way movement, used to control the on-screen menu. This function is standard implemented about 10 years ago. Instead of 5-7 buttons one joystick 5 positions (up, down, left, right and click). It’s just advertising.

What is and how it works AMD FreeSync, Nvidia G-Sync

  • AMD FreeSync™, Nvidia G-Sync – the synchronization of the image from the video card and the monitor is realized, this technology does not allow the display of images from different frames issued by the video card on the monitor, the wrong frames are not displayed by the monitor. It is possible to skip the beaten frames, but the user is not annoyed by the incorrect display of the image.

What is and how it works Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB)

  • Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) – the reduction of motion blur in dynamic scenes is achieved by adding or reducing the number of frames, this technology is not compatible with AMD FreeSync ™, Nvidia G-Sync technologies, AMD FreeSync ™, Nvidia G-Sync must be turned off to activate Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB).

What is and how it works Flicker free technology

  • Flicker free technology – this technology is designed to reduce the load on the eyes, due to a more even illumination of the screen, but it should be understood that there are monitors using flicker of the screen backlighting to achieve a greater range of color shades, in such monitors this technology is not claimed, in other monitors there is no flicker uniform illumination illumination, in fact just a marketing move.

What is and how it works Game plus

  • Game plus – A game add-on that allows you to adjust the monitor for the game is available: CROSSHAIR sight in the center of the screen, TIMER in the corner of the monitor, the game time timer is displayed, FPS counter shows the frame rate, Display Alignment if you have multiple monitors that allow you to configure them.

What is and how it works Gamevisual

  • Gamevisual – it’s just ordinary preset image settings, for example, movies, games, photos in each setting mode are pre-set in accordance with the needs, for example, in games you need to get a brighter image, when watching a video softer that would not strain your eyes, increase contrast and color rendition.

What is and how it works HDCP

  • HDCP – a rather long-known protection against copying an image, is used when watching video protected by the HDCP protocol. At one time an agreement was reached between video producers and manufacturers of TVs, monitors. The video transmitted over HDMI is encrypted so that you can not copy the content. In this case, this technology is necessary if you use the monitor to watch video from various devices supporting HDCP.

What is and how it works low blue light

  • low blue light– doctors have proved that the excess of blue color causes irritation and eye fatigue, manufacturers declare about the technology of reduction of blue color, most likely we are talking about reducing excess blue color, since if you remove a lot of blue the image will be yellow. This technology is very controversial because the existing color models are very balanced.

What is and how it works Splendid video intelligence technology

  • Splendid video intelligence technology – technology that increases or decreases the brightness and saturation of the image under different video viewing conditions, game, video, dark room, analog Gamevisual.

What is and how it works Trace free

  • Trace free – technology designed to reduce the residual image on the monitor, the image control on the monitor is adjusted, but it should be noted that the higher quality matrix used in the monitor, the less artifacts on the monitor.

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