IP control LG TV what is it


What is IP control on a TV?

In the technical specifications of LG TVs you can find support for IP control. Activating this function makes it possible to control the TV via the Internet, using programs to control the TV from a computer or phone.

Note: this option is available only in some countries. But you can activate by changing the region in the TV settings, to the US region

How IP control works

First you need to enable IP control. This can be done from the TV menu. Depending on the TV model, the procedure for enabling IP control may vary. The TV must be connected to the Internet. Next, install and run the terminal program on your device (for example, Tera Term or Putty) to control the TV. There are many different programs that you can install to control the TV from a computer or smartphone.

To simplify the control of TVs, various programs with a friendly user interface have been developed.

To control the TV you need to know the syntax of the commands. By transmitting commands to the TV via the Internet, you can completely control the TV, turn on or turn off the TV (when the IP control mode is activated in standby mode, the Wifi module and network card continue to work), switch channels, turn off video display, for example, from HDMI or via the Internet, change settings for brightness, contrast, etc. Since a modern TV is a computer, on the Internet, you get full control over the TV.

How can I use IP control on a TV

Control of the TV via the Internet is important if the TVs are placed in hard-to-reach places, for example, as advertising displays. In this case, the management and display of video is most easily organized through IP control. The second option you want to control the TV through the computer network of a smart home.

TVs work with various programs using IP control. For example, programs to control the TV, replacing the remote control. The same YouTube uses IP control, when you start YouTube on the phone in the corner of the video, an icon appears to share to other devices connected to the local network. But a little in a simplified version in this case, the TV and phone should work on the same local network.

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