What is dts 2.0 + digital out

In the description of some TVs you can find a description of DTS 2.0 + Digital Out support, many people think that this means supporting your device in DTS format, but this is not so.

It only means that your TV can receive DTS-encoded digital audio and transmit it to the optical or coaxial (digital) output to play sound on any external device. The TV transmits sound through itself without processing. For example, the sound comes from the player via HDMI to the TV, and the TV transmits the sound to a digital audio receiver or to a home theater with DTS support.

How do you know if the TV has a DTS codec or not?

If the specifications of your TV indicate that the DTS audio format is supported. This means that a DTS audio decoder is built into the software of your TV. This TV will play any video with audio encoded with the DTS codec.

But if the specifications only support DTS 2.0+Digital Out, it is possible that the TV will not be able to play DTS audio. Although the DTS format becomes almost a standard in modern devices, DTS initially supports 5+1 format, most TVs have only 2 speakers, the TV decodes the signal (caches 2 stereo channels) and outputs it to the TV speakers.

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