Vizio is a US registered company and owns the Vizio trademark. It is one of the largest TV companies on the North American market. But although Vizio claims to be a U.S. TV company, it operates as a sales and service company. All TV sets are manufactured by third party manufacturers, OEM assemblers and ODMs on behalf of Vizio. Vizio itself does not have its own factories. However, according to statistical information provided by, Vizio is the third largest U.S. TV supplier in 2020, with a 13 percent share of the TV market. Although from 2017, Vizio has lost more than half of the TV market to other manufacturers. Vizio’s main competitor is China’s TCL, which actively takes market share.

Who owns Vizio

According to the Chinese website, the main owners of Vizio, in addition to the founders of the company, are Chinese AmTRAN Technology Co Ltd, ODM and OEM TV manufacturer, also has a display manufacturing plants, owns 23% shares. Another shareholder of Vizio is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxconn trademark) owns about 8% of shares through its companies, source . The investment in the company has made it possible to guarantee the supply of components and production of Vizio TVs at the technological sites of these companies.

Where are Vizio TVs made?

Vizio TVs are mainly assembled in China and Mexico. The main TV suppliers are AmTRAN, about half of the Vizio TVs are manufactured in the company’s factories in China. The TVs are also assembled and supplied by Foxconn for Vizio. Some models of TV sets may also be sold by other companies.

Vizio TV Factories in China

Vizio TVs in China manufacturer AmTran Technology Ltd. This is a Taiwan company, component manufacturing plants and assembly plants are located in Raken, Suzhou, China.
AmTran – offers its customers the development of TV sets (ODM), which means that the company independently develops new models of TV sets, of course, taking into account the wishes of the customer, produced TV sets are supplied to the customer under the brand name Vizio. It should be noted that AmTram is the main supplier of TVs for Vizio.

Manufacture of Vizio televisions in Mexico

In Mexico, in the city of Tijuana are factories to assemble TVs from ready-made components. Some Vizio TVs are manufactured in Mexico, they are manufactured by Foxconn at its factory.

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  1. Inaccurate article. Vizio is a U.S. company, products are designed in the U.S. (California). They are assembled in Vietnam, Taiwan and Mexico. The China is not part of the equation. Vizio is on par with more costly brands, especially given price points.

    • It doesn’t matter, Vizio has never made TVs on its own. And you won’t find any information in the public domain about who made a Vizio TV.

  2. I need help I purchases Vizio TV not even a week ago and already having problems I can watch regular TV on it what’s the problem

    • Yes this is a problem now the support section is not available on the Vizio website. Probably the support call center will be changed soon.

      Previously it was available

      You can also call Customer Support Vizio:
      US – (855) 209-4106
      Canada – (877) 878-4946


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