DCI-P3 what is it


What is DCI-P3 color profile in TVs and monitors

DCI-P3 is one of the standards for displaying color tones (color space). The DCI-P3 was developed by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) and published in the RP 431-2 standard of the Society of Film and Television Engineers (SMPTE). The standard was developed by various studios for a single standard for video display in movie theaters.

Why use the DCI-P3 color profile?

The DCI-P3 color profile is one of many profiles similar to RGB. The main objective of DCI-P3 is to ensure the compatibility of recording equipment manufactured and the compatibility of equipment for displaying digital video in movie theaters. Filmmakers are interested in this. It is very good when the film conveys all the shades of color tones without distortion.

Initially, DCI-P3 was only supported by digital cinemas that use professional equipment. But profile developers are hoping that manufacturers of monitors and TVs will incorporate DCI-P3 profile support in their products. So Samsung claims that quantum dot TVs cover 100% of the color space of DCI-P3 but there is no mention that TVs support this profile. Whether QLED TVs really support 100% of the DCI-P3 profile is difficult to say, without laboratory tests it is not possible. But just the fact that Samsung claims to support DCI-P3 on 8-bit panels, for example the QN65Q60TAFXZA TV model with dithering, already seems strange. All this is similar to digital manipulation, remember when the manufacturers of monitors and TVs declared support for the color space SRGB-125%. After explaining that large numbers mean nothing, a new DCI-P3 comparison was invented.

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