If you have a Samsung TV and you need to update the software, there might be some difficulties. Now I will tell you how to update your Samsung TV software.

How often does Samsung release software updates

Samsung releases software revisions for its TVs for about 2-3 years, depending on the TV model.If the TV is older than 3 years, scheduled software updates are discontinued. New software versions may be released to fix bugs that are found. To find out what year your TV is, see our article Samsung TV model number

Automatic update software for Samsung TVs

Automatic updates are convenient and allow you to get software updates fairly quickly. Although it may not be the best solution, there have been cases where the new update did not take into account some nuances and did not work correctly. Of course, Samsung promptly fixed the bugs and released a new update.
If you agree to the automatic software update you need to allow the TV to update the software.

How to enable automatic software updates for Samsung TVs

Go to settings, select support, software update,

The software update menu will be available to you, the update now menu, and you will also be able to set up automatic update control. If you click update now. The TV will access Samsung’s servers and check for updates. On the right, you can see the current software version. If new updates are found, the TV will tell you if an update is needed.

If you have an automatic update installed, the TV will download the update and install it the next time you turn on the TV.
Note: Your TV must be connected to the internet to download updates.

How to update your TV software via USB

To download software updates manually, visit the Samsung Download Center. Select your product type

  • Then go to TV software ,
  • Choose the type of TV.
  • Then you can select the TV lineup
  • TV model and click confirm.

On the page will be all the files available for download find Firmware, this is the update file, download it to your computer.
When the download is complete, locate the file and unzip it. There should be a single folder inside.
Copy or move the folder to your USB drive. Do not put this folder in other folders, the TV does not look for update files in subfolders.

Connect the USB flash drive with the software update to the USB port of the TV.

  • Using the TV remote control, go to “Settings
  • Select “Support“.
  • Select “Software Update“.
  • Select “Update Now
  • and then select “Yes.”

The TV will check the USB and find the update file. If you have downloaded an outdated file, the TV will display a message, the installed software is newer version, no update is required. If you have downloaded really new software the TV will start the installation. Follow the instructions on the TV screen. When the update is complete, your TV will restart.

Note: We recommend that you do not turn off the TV during the update.

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