What is Crystal UHD TV Samsung


Samsung Crystal UHD – In 2020, Samsung introduced a new name to classify its TVs, the name Crystal UHD appeared. Crystal UHD is the marketing name for TVs with LED screens, Crystal UHD TVs, TVs with conventional screen matrices made using standard technology without the use of materials on quantum dots. Previously, until 2020, such TVs were called Samsung Premium TV series.

What is Samsung Crystal UHD TV

Let’s see what kind of Crystal UHD TVs are. Crystal UHD TV Samsung TVs 8, 7 and 6 series. Screens made with less modern materials have an 8-bit color depth, dithering technology (quick turn on and off the backlight) is used to increase the number of shades. Screens are classified as 8bit + FRC. TVs with such screens have UHD resolution. TV model numbers may vary by country. For example, in the USA these are models TU8000, TU7000. Europe TU8500, TU8000, TU71000, TU7000.

Why did you come up with the name TV Samsung Crystal UHD

This is the name of Crystal TVs, invented just because of marketing. Samsung has been producing televisions with such screens for the last 5 years, to distinguish TVs from other TVs and to show some new trends and such a name was invented.

Since such televisions can be assembled from components made earlier, such televisions will go on sale in 2020 a little earlier. So in North America, such televisions are already available for pre-order, and their sale will begin on March 1, 2020.

Samsung Crystal UHD, are those good TVs?

Samsung Crystal UHD are TVs of the budget segment, given the announcement of Samsung to stop production of LED screens at the end of 2020 and re-profiling production, the beginning of production of QD screens using OLED elements and quantum materials. And also the fact that in recent years Samsung partially uses screens from Chinese manufacturers in its LED TVs. Nothing will change in the quality of TVs, the TVs of the budget segment with mediocre quality screens and technical parameters, as they will remain. It is quite possible that Samsung will begin to produce TVs of the budget segment by outsourcing. Why order only the production of screens you can order the manufacture of the TV.

According to the latest information, Samsung has decided to extend the production of standard screens for another three months and increase the production of screens by 30%. This is due to increased demand for larger size panels. Such a decision by Samsung was pushed by customers of screens, which said that due to the pandemic demand for TVs has increased, respectively, they are ready to buy more screens. Thus, the cessation of production of standard screens postponed to 1Q 2021.

Samsung Crystal UHD vs UHD

At the moment, the difference between the Crystal UHD screen and UHD screen is only in the name. The production quality of the screens is now quite good at leading electronics manufacturers such as BOE, LG and others. Crystal are UHD class TVs, but Samsung named them separately using marketing. Buying a UHD or Crystal UHD TV in a store, for example, will be a choice. Crystal UHD sounds more solid and subconsciously it seems to the person that he is buying something special.

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