Active Voice Amplifier on Samsung TVs What is it?


On 2020 TVs, some models have a rather interesting sound control on the TV. Samsung coined the name Active Voice Amplifier. It works only on televisions that have a built-in microphone.

What is Active Voice Amplifier, VAV

Active Voice Amplifier is a system for adjusting the voice on the TV depending on the noise in the room. The TV determines the noise background and if it exceeds certain values, then the level of reproduced voice on the TV increases programmatically.

TV models supporting Active Voice Amplifier

In 2020, Active Voice Amplifier supported Q90T, Q80T, Q70T, Q900T, Q800T, The Frame TVs. Depending on the country, the availability of this function in TV models may vary.

How Active Voice Amplifier Works

Active Voice Amplifier works at the software level. The microphone installed in the TV receives sound vibrations that are present in the room. If the background sound level exceeds the set level, the level is determined by testing and a gradation scale is developed. That automatically increases the level of reproducible sound, the program mixers installed in the TV software increase the volume level only in the frequency band of a person’s voice, this is from about 100 Hz to 4 kHz. Note that the software adjustment is balanced in such a way that a person who watches TV will hear the conversation in the transmission shown on TV, clearly and legibly.

Practical application, not very wide, for example, you can vacuum the room and hear the news. or if the TV is installed in the kitchen, then when working with household appliances of a blender, coffee machine, you will also clearly hear the voice from the TV.

By default, Active Voice Amplifier is disabled in the settings; to use Active Voice Amplifier, you must enable it.


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