Difference between OLED CX8LB vs CX9LA


TVs CX9LA vs CX8LB, differences explained

There are two models of OLED TVs produced by LG. Model CX9LA and CX8LB. In Germany, for example, there are both models of TVs on sale. And many people ask what are the differences between these two TVs.

Explanation of the CX9LA and CX8LB

  • CX is, understandably, a TV model.
  • 9 and 8 is an identifier of the TV sales region.
  • L is a type of digital tuner
  • A, B – design

And now in more detail 9LA model of TV is produced for Germany and Austria. 8LB – only for Germany. A and B design

  • A – stand color, light silver
  • B is the color of the stand dark silver.

On the technical side, the TVs are exactly the same. It is difficult to say why LG made such a decision to make two identical TV sets, but with different model numbers. Perhaps in these models of TVs different components are used. For example, basic boards from different factories or suppliers.


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