You can find quite a lot of Costway brand products, but very little information about what that brand is. We decided to study the issue a bit and tell our readers what different products of the Costway brand are.
Costway is a trademark owned by Costway.Com, Inc., a company registered in the U.S., in Germany the brand is owned by FDS GMBH, HAMBURG. In the UK, the Costway brand is owned by FDS Corporation Limited. These are all related companies, companies registered in different countries, but have the same founder.

History of Costway brand

The history of the brand began in 2008, when GoPlus was founded, which began to trade in the U.S. with various products. In 2009 a representative office was opened in the USA. The goods were delivered from warehouses in China, later warehouses were opened in the USA. Since 2012 the goods are sold on the Internet sites Ebay and Amazon. In 2013 the company started working with Germany, in 2014 a warehouse was opened in Russia. Currently the company has warehouses in the following countries: USA, Germany, Russia and Great Britain. In 2015 it was decided to launch a new brand Costway and open its own website.


Costway is not a single brand, the company also owns brands GOPLUS, RELAX4LIFE, DREAMADE, FANTASK, GYMAX, HONEY JOY, IRONMAX, POWERSTONE, SUPERFIT, TANGKULA. Some brands are registered in 2020 to expand their expansion in the markets.

Where and who manufactures COSTSAS products.

Costway is a retailer of various goods, the company itself does not produce anything. Managers of the company either look for suppliers themselves or allow companies producing various household appliances to label their products with the brand Costway, supply to the company’s warehouses. From Costway warehouses, the goods are shipped to the end user, who has bought the goods at various Internet sites, receiving a sales margin for this. Costway products are sold on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart. The company does not hide the fact that there are about 5000 suppliers of goods. The main production is various Chinese companies.

Why is it difficult to serve customers in Costway brand?

To make the company seem more solid, there is a single support, only emails. But given the thousands of suppliers, to return the money you will need to take a photo of the defective goods. After receiving the photo, you need time for service support to contact the supplier of the goods and agree on a refund. That’s why it usually takes quite a long time to return the product to the store and refund the money.

Service support for Costway products

Service support is reduced to a minimum, as we know from statistics 80-90% of faults appear in the first three months of product operation. That’s why Costway has a 90-day warranty. Within 90 days, you will receive a product replacement or money back.

Costway is a good brand or not

Basically the company tries to sell the goods which do not demand service. Given the huge number of suppliers of goods, there is no single standard of quality production. Therefore, someone will be sold good quality goods, and another buyer can be sold the goods with some defect. Costway now, it’s just a trading platform, allowing producers of goods using a single brand to sell their goods at expensive, with great purchasing power of the population, markets.

In which countries Costway branded goods are sold

Costway sell goods in the U.S., Canada, these are the main markets, Western Europe, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Poland. The goods can also be delivered to other EU countries. Another market is Russia.

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  1. I just want products made in USA or any country other than CHINA! I don’t care about $ as long as it is made with quality and I am supporting US economy.

  2. China is our single largest CREDITOR-
    we ALL need to remember that. When
    Sam Walton started Wal-Mart, his
    intention was to have goods made in
    the USA at a price affordable to the average American- as soon as he was”out of the
    picture, David Glass started “out-
    sourcing” production and we all bought into the concept of “we want it CHEAP and
    who cares where it’s made”. You can have
    quality at a reasonable price- you can
    have low-priced inferior goods-but you
    can’t have quality products “on the

    • So I just bought a dryer and the exhaust shroud broke. I cannot believe I can’t find the shroud. It’s a plastic piece that holds the filter in place. What to do? Throw out the dryer??

  3. Websites should be required to disclose where products are made. If we looked at the items in person, we would see the place of origin on the packaging. Some websites, especially AMAZON!!! help CHINEESE COMPANIES dupe Americans into buying their stuff. The webpage will show “imported” on the label will show, “MADE IN ITALY” as the BRAND name. ALSO, American manufacturers need to find anywhere else to make their products; those who don’t should be boycotted – APPLE, NIKE, etc. so they understand.

    • Yes! Manufacturers in China seem to have no concept of quality assurance. You might get a product that is fine, or might get something that can’t be assembled, is missing parts, has major defects, etc. In the past they have sold products that are TOXIC (drywall, pet food, children’s toys). I prefer to avoid buying anything made in China. Most websites make it extremely difficult to find out where the products are made.

    • Well they got me really good. Bought a portable dryer from Costway and nobody has the part? I called Amazon bc they sold me the dryer. They said they don’t carry it. I’m going to try Walmart as they carry Costway products. Without that part the dryer is garbage. I just saw reviews that other ppls door hinges broke and Costway doesn’t have their door in stock!? Unbelievable.

    • Let me guess? Was it a Costway portable dryer? I have the same problem but mine is the filter. If u throw ur machine away (just saying) can I have your filter if it’s the same model? Lol I’ll buy it from you. I’m paralyzed and I cannot make it to the laundromat bc I use my arms to move. I won’t be able to hold my laundry. My husband shot me in my back. I’m desperate for that piece. Why doesn’t Costway have these parts?
      An idea is to go to the hardware store and buy small hinges or u can get a handyman to fix that. Yours is an easy case. Try looking for the filter.

  4. It’s literally hilarious how much trouble the author went to, in this article, to NOT mention how China owns all the companies. Yes – ALL THESE COMPANIES ARE CHEAP CHINESE CRAP.

  5. Same here! I’m totally done with buying crap chinese stuff, they all come broken with horrible QA!

    • Agree and this Goplus got hold of my info sent me a washing machine I never ordered ir needed n I will be damned if I will spend to return!!

  6. I totally agree I am through with buying Chinese crap. If I can at all I will not buy from China. I want American made products if at all possible…

    • Same here!! Also Amazon needs to have Made in America items that can just as easily be purchased!!

    • Totally AGREE! And I do t mind paying a bit more for merchandise made in USA, Europe, or Canada!!! WHY must we be FORCED to unwittingly purchase merchandise made in CHINA… without being able to know where it is made – or even being aware of that the fact that it is made in China?? Infuriating!!



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