What is Ultra Luminance LG TV

In premium TVs, LG announced the presence of Ultra luminance technology, which, according to the manufacturer, improves picture depth and color.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a description of the technology on the official website, it is described that it improves the image, but how and what exactly the advantage of a TV with this technology is difficult to understand. And given the huge number of different technologies announced in TVs, it is even harder to understand.

Let’s see how this LG technology, the image compared to the activated function without.

ULTRA Luminance

We see a significant improvement in image contrast, also the color shades are improved, but the picture that is shown before processing is very bad, such an image, to look for, we can conclude about the intentional deterioration of the original image and the above example.

Most likely, when the Ultra luminance function is activated, the following happens. A program is used to process the image. If the contrast is less than average, the program increases the contrast and also adjusts the brightness. As a result, you get a slightly improved image quality. I would like to point out that the existing processors in TVs do not allow high-quality image processing, not enough processor power. Therefore, processing takes place at a rather primitive level, adjusting general parameters such as contrast and brightness.

The Ultra luminance function is just a marketing name for one of the possible TV functions, designed to distinguish some TVs from the lineup. It can’t actually improve the picture much. You can do the same thing manually by adjusting the brightness and contrast. Of course, you can’t do it dynamically, reacting to every scene in the movie. The program does this automatically, which is pretty good.

Ultra luminance vs Ultra luminance pro

The program in TVs is the same for both Ultra luminance and Ultra luminance pro. But TVs can have different quality displays, so TVs that claim to have Ultra luminance pro have better picture quality, which causes you to visually see slightly better correction. And of course don’t forget about marketing, you can always say that this TV model has Ultra luminance pro.

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  1. I noticed on the 55″ LG lineup at least, that this feature is ONLY available on EDGE lit displays over direct. So it looks like they ramp the LEDS to 11 in order to improve the overall image brightness. So it looks like this feature is to get around edge lit displays major weakness, namely they are not as uniformly bright.

    So while the LG55UJ643V is direct the hasn’t got the feature. The 55UJ670V is edgelit and has.

    I may be wrong, just seems like quite the coincidence.

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, most of the time, when watching at night, you don’t want this feat anyway, because it hurts the eyes


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