Neo Quantum Processor in Samsung TVs what is it


In 2021, the processors in Samsung TVs will be called Neo Quantum Processor. In the previous year, 2020, Samsung TVs were equipped with Quantum Processor. According to Samsung, the new processor has the following features

Neo Quantum Processor
Neo Quantum Processor

Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor with advanced scaling capabilities. Using up to 16 different neural network models, each trained with AI upscaling and deep learning technologies, the Neo Quantum Processor can optimize image quality for 4K and 8K image output regardless of the quality of the original image.

But as usual Samsung does not specify any technical characteristics of the processor, only the commercial name of the processor.

And if you look at the technical side, it is the ARM processors, which added specific graphics processors specifically designed for displaying video on screens with a high resolution of 4K or 8K. The processors in televisions are pretty much the same processors as in phones. If the processor has to work with artificial intelligence programs in such a processor must be implemented multitasking, performing a large number of parallel calculations.

Neo Quantum Processor neural networks artificial intelligence TVs Samsung 2021

Now about artificial intelligence neural networks and deep learning. Of course, it sounds nice, but how can you train and store in the TV a large amount of information with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of permanent memory, and this memory is more than 50% occupied by the operating system of the TV. Of course, we can assume that the TV analyzes some information and transmits the results to Samsung servers. But again, between words we can understand that the optimization programs are intended only for image scaling. Scaling is carried out by developed algorithms, including machine learning, but these are whole software products example from the encyclopedia Wiki Image scaling.

Scaling algorithms based on neural networks are being developed, of course, but require a lot of resources.

Real artificial intelligence with neural networks, these are powerful computers, programs developed and adapted by hundreds of specialists, and a team of analysts who check the results of neural networks and artificial intelligence to weed out errors.

If the TV works with artificial intelligence, someone has to evaluate the result, it is unlikely that the TV itself does this. But of course the TV’s operating system may have image processing programs that have been developed on powerful computers using neural network and artificial intelligence programs.

Buyers of TVs should understand that you won’t find anything extraordinary in TVs with Neo Quantum processors. They are ordinary TVs, but with more features and picture quality, thanks to advanced software and good screens.


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