Micro Dimming vs Micro Dimming Ultimate vs Micro Dimming pro mean explained


In the technical specifications of TVs the type of local dimming system used is specified.

Local dimming is the ability to turn off the backlighting of the TV screen, usually the backlighting is divided into zones and these zones can be controlled by turning off the backlight at certain times. So in LCD or LED TVs, this achieves a blacker color on the TV screen. Lack of true black screen is a problem with televisions with VA, TN or IPS matrix, the light permeates around the edge of the pixel crystal. Because of the leakage of light through the pixel, even when off, the black color takes on a gray tint.

Each manufacturer calls its technology differently, apply the commercial name of the technology, this commercial name is usually patented, the principle of local dimming in all TVs is the same, different only processing algorithm, the TV software which compares the color on the TV screen and controls backlighting.

The names of the systems of local dimming of TV screens in different manufacturers.

  • Micro Dimming – Samsung
  • Local Dimming – Panasonic
  • Edge LED – Sony
  • Edge – LG
  • Local Dimming – Toshiba

Manufacturers produce televisions with several modifications of local dimming technology, it depends on the quality of the screen, processor and software. Samsung has several technology names, these technologies are used in different TV models depending on the level of the TV.

  • Micro Dimming
  • Micro Dimming Ultimate
  • Micro Dimming pro

What is Micro Dimming

Micro Dimming – the simplest technology in the TV there are a few dozen zones (although some manufacturers write about 300, but this is unlikely), you can turn off the backlighting only in large areas, the use of this technology makes the black color deeper. Micro Dimming is used in entry level TVs.

What is Micro Dimming pro meaning explained

Micro Dimming pro-In addition to creating a deeper black level, the technology also improves sharpness and color depth. It’s used in higher-end TVs with better screens, so it has better sharpness and color reproduction. The technology is indistinguishable from its predecessor, the name pro is used for marketing purposes.

What is Micro Dimming Ultimate meaning explained

Micro Dimming Ultimate – The technology has more zones, TV screens are more complex to produce, it is stated that there are 600 zones of dimming and more, it gives a better quality picture compared to the Pro. Naturally we need more powerful processors for proper backlight control.

According to user feedback, there is no significant difference between Pro and Ultimate, but compared to conventional technology, the difference is noticeable.

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