The history of the Blaupunkt brand, who owns the Blaupunkt brand

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Blaupunkt brand history

Blaupunkt is a German company that has its history since 1923. The original name is Ideal Radiotelefon- & Apparatefabrik GmbH. Since 1924 it was renamed to Blaupunkt (blue dot, at that time all Ideal Radiotelefon- & Apparatefabrik products were marked with a blue dot, marketing for product recognition, product quality mark). Since 1930, Blaupunkt, as a separate company, was owned by Robert Bosch AG.

Blaupunkt – specialized in the production of audio equipment, is known as a supplier of high-quality audio equipment for cars. Blaupunkt audio systems were installed in Mercedes cars and other well-known brands.

In the early 2000s, companies faced competition from Chinese and other manufacturers of cheap electronic devices. The Bosch-Siemens concern decided to sell the company, which was done in 2008. The company was acquired by the investment group Aurelius AG. Bosch-Siemens management deemed it inappropriate to continue to have this company in the asset, and Aurelius AG decided that it could profit from the company.

Bosch-Siemens has retained the factories for the production of components for audio systems. The microchips and amplifier chips of the audio systems remained the property of Bosch-Siemens. Only assembly lines for the production of products were sold.

Gradually to reduce the cost of products, Aurelius AG moved production to Malaysia, India and China. Part of the business was sold. But sales continued to fall. In 2014, it was decided to sell all assets (factories, etc.). But the sale of assets could not cover the debts; in 2016, the company was declared bankrupt. Aurelius AG sold all assets, retaining only the rights to the Blaupunkt trademark. All staff was fired.

Who owns the Blaupunkt brand now

The rights to the Blaupunkt brand remained the property of Aurelius AG. Trademark rights are controlled by a subsidiary of Aurelius AG, GIP Development SARL, a company licensing brands owned by Aurelius AG. This company sells the rights to manufacture various equipment and electronics under the Blaupunkt brand. Any company that produces products that meet some requirements of the trademark owner can buy a license.

Only the name remains of the German brand Blaupunkt, since Blaupunkt was associated with German quality products at one time, many users continue to think that these are products of a German company. In fact, almost all Blaupunkt products are now produced by companies that have nothing to do with the former Blaupunkt. And most products are made to order under the Blaupunkt brand.
For example, Blaupunkt TVs for Germany are supplied by UMC Poland Sp. Televisions for Eastern Europe Czech company Union distribution s.r.o. Navigation systems in Germany are sold by Evo-Sales GmbH.

Aurelius AG – maintains a single site for Blaupunkt products. This creates in the eyes of customers the appearance of a single team that is engaged in the production and development of products. But in reality this is not so, it all depends on the terms of the license. Assortment of Blaupunkt products varies by country.

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  1. So looking at the whole picture of what I have read Is Blaupunkt Android TV a good and safe purchase for me to buy in Australia.

  2. […] As a result, now any electronics manufacturer can license and produce products under the Blaupunkt brand. Blaupunkt TVs are now manufactured by several companies. Manufacturers vary by country.If we consider the production of televisions. That TVs are mainly produced in India and China. Also, some manufacturers assemble televisions in Eastern Europe from Chinese components. Televisions of the budget segment themselves have a minimum of capabilities and functionality. Mostly assembled in China from cheap components. Learn more about the Blaupunkt brand. […]


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