If you use the LG Magic remote, you can control the TV using the red pointer which helps to select and activate picture elements and works similarly to the cursor on a computer screen. LG pointer remote control, is a rather interesting invention of LG. Its operation is very similar to that of a computer mouse, only the remote is in your hand and you control the pointer by tilting it in different directions. It takes only a few minutes to get used to it, and the advantage is the speed at which you can operate the TV.

However, some people do not like when the cursor appears during the movie. There are times when it is enough to move the remote control just a little bit (or even if the remote control is on the table put a glass next to it) and the pointer appears on the screen.

I don’t like that either, so I disabled the pointer so it wouldn’t distract me from the content. So if you too want to disable pointer on LG Magic Remote – read this article.

Pointer on LG Magic Remote

How to turn off cursor on LG Magic Remote

How to turn off pointer on LG TV. Since the cursor is one of LG’s features for its smart TVs, you are not supposed to disable the cursor.

In fact, if you disable the pointer, there is no point in using the Magic Remote. However, you can still disable the cursor.

To do this you have to press one of the arrows on the remote control. It does not matter if you press up, down or right. The default setting is that if you press the cursor with the arrows, you want to disable the pointer.

How to disable pointer on LG Magic Remote

Remove cursor in smart TV LG. If you press one of the buttons, the cursor on the TV screen disappears and you can control the TV by moving the active selection box through the items. The item that is available for activation will be highlighted.

It looks like this:

Controling without the pointer

How to enable pointer on LG Magic Remote

To turn the cursor on, all you have to do is spin the wheel forward and backward.

This commands the TV that you want to use the Magic Remote cursor again. The cursor will appear again. Also in some remote control models you can activate the pointer simply by shaking the remote control.

How to enable pointer on LG Magic Remote

Why the pointer on the LG Magic Remote appears by itself

Now let’s look at this problem. For example, you put the remote control on the table and after a while the cursor should disappear, because that is the signal that you are viewing content. However, you should put a cup or glass on the table and the pointer reappears.

The answer is very simple: the Magic remote has a gyroscope which reacts to the movement of the remote.

To prevent this from happening, you just need to reduce the speed of the cursor. The gyro becomes less sensitive to changes in the position of the remote.

If you reduce the speed of the cursor to a minimum, the remote control will stop responding to small movements. To activate the cursor you will need to take it in your hand and shake it.

How to change pointer on LG Magic Remote tracking speed

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  1. I was looking to disable the pointer COMPLETELY….our definition of “disable” must be different….this article just tells you how to switch from pointer to click control which I found out on my own


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