If you use the LG Magic remote, you can control the TV using the red pointer which helps to select and activate picture elements and works similarly to the cursor on a computer screen. LG pointer remote control, is a rather interesting invention of LG. Its operation is very similar to that of a computer mouse, only the remote is in your hand and you control the pointer by tilting it in different directions. It takes only a few minutes to get used to it, and the advantage is the speed at which you can operate the TV.

However, some people do not like when the cursor appears during the movie. There are times when it is enough to move the remote control just a little bit (or even if the remote control is on the table put a glass next to it) and the pointer appears on the screen.

I don’t like that either, so I disabled the pointer so it wouldn’t distract me from the content. So if you too want to disable pointer on LG Magic Remote – read this article.

Pointer on LG Magic Remote

LG TV, turn off the pointer

Turning off the pointer on your LG TV, especially when using the LG Magic Remote, is a simple process. The LG Magic Remote is designed for easy operation with a cursor mimicking a computer mouse. However, you can temporarily turn off the pointer function if you prefer traditional navigation.

How to disable pointer on LG Magic Remote

To turn off the pointer, press any directional arrow button (up, down, left, or right) on the Magic Remote. This action will turn off the on-screen cursor, and you can navigate the screen using the directional buttons. The active selection on the TV screen will be highlighted, allowing you to navigate through menu items or settings without using the directional pad.

Controling without the pointer

It is important to note that this does not permanently disable the pointer function. The pointer will reappear if you shake the remote or press the cursor button on the remote again. This feature makes it easy to return to using the pointer.

How to enable pointer on LG Magic Remote

Pointer settings: changing the cursor on my LG

On LG TVs, you can customize the pointer by adjusting its size. There are three size options: small, medium, and large. Additionally, you can modify the pointer’s movement speed to suit your preference.

  • For 2018-2023 models, use: Settings → All Settings → General → System → Advanced Settings → Pointer Settings.
  • For models before 2018, go to: All Settings → Accessibility → Pointer Settings → Pointer Size or Pointer speed.
How to change pointer on LG Magic Remote tracking speed

How the LG Magic Remote pointer works

LG Magic Remote uses a gyroscope to detect the movement of the remote, similar to moving a computer mouse across a desk. By tilting the remote (changing its spatial position), you control the pointer, and when you pick up the remote, the change in its position is sensed as a wake-up command, causing the pointer to appear on the TV screen. When the remote is stationary and then moves, even slightly, the gyroscope responds by making the pointer reappear. You can set the gyroscope to different sensitivities. Reducing the speed makes the gyroscope less sensitive to small movements, so you need a more deliberate movement, such as shaking the remote, to move and activate the cursor. LG has done a pretty good job of controlling the TV, for example, the cursor only appears under certain conditions. For example, it doesn’t activate when watching a movie, because there’s nothing to control in that case. But it is activated when navigating menus or in other cases when an interactive item that requires selection appears on the TV screen.

Why is there no cursor on my LG remote?

If there is no cursor on the LG remote control, it may be due to several reasons:

  • Battery Charge: A dead battery can affect the remote control’s operation. Try replacing the batteries. As I mentioned before, the remote has a gyroscope. If the batteries are low, the remote may not have enough power to work properly. Pay attention to how the remote behaves. Usually, in such cases, the TV does not respond well to button presses.
  • Pairing the remote: The remote may need to be repaired with the TV. It may have lost the Bluetooth pairing; this rarely happens, but it does happen.
  • Remote control functionality: The remote control gyroscope may be faulty; this can happen after dropping the remote control.
  • TV software problems: Sometimes, this problem can be caused by a glitch in the TV software. Rebooting or updating the software can solve this problem.

If you bought a new remote and the cursor doesn’t work

When purchasing a Magic Remote for LG TVs, it’s crucial to understand that not all models support the cursor functionality. While resembling the original Magic Remote, some remotes may only operate via infrared signals and lack Bluetooth connectivity. Others may include Bluetooth but not have a gyroscope, which is essential for cursor control. The compatibility of the Magic Remote with your specific TV model is a crucial factor to consider. To ensure you choose a remote that fits your TV, always check its compatibility with your model. For more detailed information, refer to articles like “Magic Remote Compatibility with TVs.”

Purchasing an original LG TV remote from the LG store on Amazon is often the best solution. However, finding an original remote for LG TVs that is over eight years old can be challenging. These older models are typically considered obsolete, leading LG to discontinue support, including the supply of spare parts like remotes. In such cases, you may need to seek a compatible replacement remote. Ensuring that any replacement remote you consider is compatible with your specific TV model is essential.

Is it possible to permanently disable the pointer on LG TV set

It is not possible to permanently disable the pointer on an LG TV using standard user settings. The pointer feature is integral to the LG Magic Remote’s design. For users who prefer not to use the pointer, the alternative is to use a regular infrared (IR) remote. While this type of remote will allow for basic TV operations like channel changing, it lacks certain features like pointer navigation and voice control which are exclusive to the Magic Remote.

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  1. Yes, I want to know how to disable the pointer completely (bringing it back if and when you might decide to do so).

  2. I was looking to disable the pointer COMPLETELY….our definition of “disable” must be different….this article just tells you how to switch from pointer to click control which I found out on my own


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