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LG Magic Remote Compatibility List 2011-2024 year

You should know the Magic remotes of LG TVs are compatible with TVs from other years. If you have a 2021 TV, a...

LG Magic remote control does not work, how to fix it

This article will look at some of the most common problems encountered when using the Magic (Smart) remote control, an accessory that comes...

LG TV remote control functions (Magic remote) 2016-2024

The evolution of remote controls, particularly LG's Magic Remote, marks a notable advancement in TV control technology. Combining an infrared transmitter and Bluetooth, it...

How to turn off pointer on LG Magic Remote

If you use the LG Magic remote, you can control the TV using the red pointer which helps to select and activate picture...

How to set up LG Magic Remote to avoid missactions

The remote control for LG TV is a complex device, to realize the movement of the pointer on the screen the data is read...

LG Magic Remote 2021 differences: AN-MR21GA and AN-MR21GC Magic Remotes

In 2021 new LG televisions will come with the upgraded AN-MR21GA remote control. You can find out by reading the assigned FCC ID...

MR20GA Magic Remote LG 2020

In 2020, LG updated the model of the remote control for TVs, which according to their technical parameters can support the magic remote. In...