The remote control for LG TV is a complex device, to realize the movement of the pointer on the screen the data is read from the gyroscope built into the remote control. The gyroscope determines the position of the remote Magic remote in space and moves the cursor across the screen.

But this has some disadvantages, for example, the cursor disappears from the screen if the remote control is stationary for a while so it doesn’t interfere with video playback. But if you put the remote control on the couch, the cursor will periodically appear as you move on the couch and the remote control also moves a bit.

The periodic appearance of the cursor is a little unpleasant, but you can properly adjust the Magic Remote to make it less sensitive to any movement.

Setting the LG Magic Remote tracking speed

The speed of the cursor movement depends directly on the sensitivity of the horoscope in the TV remote control.

To adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope you have to do the following:

  • Go to the ‘Accessibility’ menu
    Then select ‘Pointer Option’ (this is the cursor setting on the TV).
  • You will get ‘Tracking speed’ and there are three options: slow, normal, fast.

Set it to slow and after changing this setting the remote won’t react as much to movement.

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