Starting in 2021, almost all Samsung TVs will come with Magic remote controls. Only the cheapest TV models can be equipped with a universal remote control. Also, in 2021, LG modernized the Magic Remote; the remote has become a little larger, and the shape of the remote has changed. Magic Remote is multifunctional; it has an infrared transmitter, Bluetooth, and a horoscope. Once the remote is paired with the TV, commands are sent via Bluetooth; there is no need to point the remote at the TV (except to turn it on). The horoscope tracks the remote’s movements in space to control the pointer on the screen. Some buttons have multiple assignments depending on when they are pressed. This article provides a complete guide to the purpose and use of the buttons on the Magic 2021-2023 remote.

Buttons assignment of the Magic remote control

The remote control has several blocks of buttons to control your TV; here is a brief description of how to use the remote control. The backlit power button glows red when pressed, allowing you to check that the remote works visually. In the center of the remote is a moving pointer module, a control circle (up, down, left, right), and a wheel for quickly moving the pointer or vertically scrolling the screen. Buttons for quick access to streaming services have been added, although the assignment may vary depending on the country. I don’t know how LG chooses which service to link to which button by popularity; maybe there’s a contract with the streaming service. There are also quick call buttons for voice assistants. See the image below for more details.

Let’s look at remote controls AN-MR21, AN-MR22 and AN-MR23

Buttons on LG Magic remote AN-MR21, AN-MR22, AN-MR23
  1. Power is a button to turn the TV on or off using infrared signals.
  2. 0-9 is a button for entering numbers, also when pressed for a long time, it brings up a signal source or an application programmed to this button. Programmable via Quick Access. When watching TV channels works to select the channel number. 9** – you will access Quick Help.
  3. -/list – one short press can put a dash, such as dialing 1-5. A long press for 1-2 seconds will give you access to a list of stored channels or programs. A longer press will give you access to the TV program guide.
  4. 0/Quick Access – A long press on the 0 button opens programmable buttons 1-8 for quick access to applications or sources. Button 9 is permanently programmed for quick access to the assistant.
  5. – three points, a short press opens additional remote control functions. For example, the Magic remote can be used to access the TV set-top box control and channel switching. To do this you must also turn on HDMI-CEC. AD/SAP**. A long press for about 2 seconds turns on the video/audio description function. (Depending on the country). Holding down the button for about 5 seconds turns on the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) function, if supported, you can switch to another broadcast language or audio track.
  6. +-(Vol) – decrease or increase the sound. Here everything is clear You can adjust the sound on the TV.
  7. ∧∨(Ch/P) switching channels
  8. Mute – mute the sound, long press brings up from the accessibility settings menu. Pressing a few 4-5 opens information about the TV and some settings Select menu item.
  9. Microphone – turn on the microphone, voice recognition, you can talk using the microphone built into the remote. You can use voice assistants or search for information on the Internet.
  10. Home – opens the main menu, long press loads the last opened application.
  11. Input – Changes the input source. Long press opens the main panel.
  12. Wheel (OK) – Press the center of the Wheel (OK) button to select a menu. You can use the button to switch channels or programs. A long press activates the purple pointer, which can be used as a mouse pointer.
  13. Control circle up/down/left/right). Press the up, down, left, or right buttons to scroll through the menus. If you press the buttons while the pointer is running, the pointer will disappear from the screen and the Magic Remote will work like a normal remote control. Shake the Magic Remote left and right so that the pointer reappears on the screen.
  14. Back – Goes back to the previous screen. A long press on the Back button. Clears the screen indicators and returns to the last input view.
  15. Settings – Accesses quick settings. Long press opens the All Settings menu.
  16. Colored buttons on the remote control – Accesses special functions in some menus. Long press on the red button – Depending on the country, it can be set to the following functions. Starts the recording function, starts the video streaming service and opens the user manual.
  17. 4 buttons for quick access to streaming services
  18. Button with – 4 colored circles – connects to Google Assistant,
  19. Button with a blue circle – connection to Alexa.

Сolor buttons on Magic remote

There are four colored buttons on the remote control, and not everyone knows why they are needed or what these buttons do. If you read the LG manual carefully, you will find an explanation that these buttons can be used in certain menu items without specifying where. This is true; for example, I found that they can be used in the Select menu item. Buttons can be used in specific applications; it’s up to the application developers if they want to use them. Right now, colored buttons are hardly ever used. Initially, colored buttons were created to control Teletext and to navigate between pages quickly. Since Teletext was no longer used with the advent of the Internet, but there are old televisions with Teletext support, the buttons remained on the remote control. Then, TV manufacturers began to use them for submenus in the settings if it was necessary to make several choices. Now, the buttons are more of an unnecessary but familiar element of many remotes. Because specific commands are reserved for these buttons, they are sometimes used. But for example, I have never used them because there was no need.

Program the buttons on the LG Magic remote control to quickly launch applications

If you use a lot of applications and there is no button on the remote to launch that application quickly, you can program eight buttons from 1 to 8 to directly access the application or signal source. This is convenient because you don’t have to go to the menu and make many clicks.
For example, if you prefer to watch Hulu, Paramount +, YouTube, or Apple TV programs on your remote, you can program a button for quick access to your favorite apps, and here’s how to do it.

Programming your LG remote step-by-step

To program the buttons on your LG remote, press and hold the 0 button to open the Edit Quick Access menu. This will open a menu with eight active buttons (from 1 to 8). You need to select which button you want to program, for example, button 1. Select this button using the wheel or the on-screen pointer. Press the wheel, OK. The programmable button is now in the waiting mode for command assignment, and you will see a list of available applications or sources for recording.

Select the service you want; for example, you want quick access to YouTube. Find YouTube, make this service active, and click the mouse wheel. Now, you have assigned a quick access command to the desired button. If you want to watch YouTube, press and hold button 1; long pressing the button will activate the programmed application or signal source. It is best to program the shortcut button to call applications; the signal source can be called quite quickly as there is a signal source button on the remote.

LG has a rather exciting solution: it allows you to improve interaction with the TV; of course, you can use it to launch applications and voice assistants such as Alexa. With Alexa, control is even easier; tell Alexa to enable YouTube on the LG TV, and the application will be launched.

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