TV manufacturers, to expand the range of televisions, share them on the TV for the home and business segment. Commercial segment, in turn, can be divided into TVs TVs for hotels and office.

Separately, you can select displays. If a display is clear, they are designed to display information from external sources, laptop, tablet, player. Used in the production of information or to display in the offices for presentations.

Commercial televisions are used in hotels, shops and exhibitions. On the characteristics are similar to a TV to home.

Differences in additional features that are demanded in commercial applications but it is absolutely not necessary at home.

TV home vs commercial TV

  • as it provided for use in public places that television can have a place to install the type of lock Kensington Lock. Anti-theft protection.
  • The ability to link the remote control to one TV, it gives you the ability to control only one TV, even if several identical TVs are nearby. This is in demand, for example, with presentations and gives the opportunity to show and control specific TVs.
  • You can clone the settings recorded on USB and transfer to other TVs. It is convenient if you need to configure multiple TVs such as in a hotel.
  • Block change user settings.
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