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Nowadays, influencers began to use Facebook and its features for marketing and promoting. One of those features is the Events. Evets can be different such as seminars, webinars, concerts, conferences, and meetings. Why do influencers choose to use the Events feature? the answer’s simple because it can help you to attract and inform more users without doing some special effort.

Influencers usually have their personal Facebook page and the business page of their company. When you want to present a new product you should announce the presentation on the business page of your company. For announcing one of the best methods is to create an event. However, users may think that creating it on a business page is hard, but don’t worry, it can be done in a few clicks.

What is Facebook Event and Events Poster

If you’ve used Facebook for a while, you may notice that there’s a special tab “Events” where you can see the upcoming ones. When the event is being created, the creator has to sort the events by category, time, and location. This gives a great opportunity for both sides. The organizer can promote his/her event to the targeted audience and the audience can find the events which may interest them and satisfy their needs.

When you create your own event, you’d be able to see the info about it in the “Events” tab. However, you should be aware of the competition between other influencers, as this way is very popular to promote the products. You should definitely know how to attract people and wake their desire to visit particularly your event up. For this, you can create some polls to know what’s interesting to your subscribers.

Creating a Facebook Event on the business page may make you a bit confused only with the name of it. The process’s really simple and effortless. The main thing is just to think about the interests of your audience.

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How to create a Facebook Event on a business page

While creating a Facebook Event on a business page is a great method of promotion, you should also know that it’s very important to take care of the look of your Event. It may be bright and attract users, as it’s the base of success in promotion. The more people would be involved in the event, the more potential customers you can gain. So, if you want to create an event on your Facebook business page, you should follow the prompts which would be displayed in the section below:

  • First of all, you should open Facebook on your web.
  • After that, log in to your business page.
  • Then, you should tap on the “Events” tab.
  • Next, you should head to the “Upcoming Events” section and tap on the “Create New Event” option.
  • After that, you should choose the type of your event. It can be “Online” or “In person“.
  • Then, you should fill in the information about the event, such as its name, start date and time, and the end time and date. The privacy level would be automatically chosen as the public one, as the event is created on the business page.
  • Next, you should enter the description of the event and choose the category from the drop-down menu, and tap on the “Next” option.
  • In case you need an in-person event, you should fill in the location of it. In case you need to create an online one, you should select one of the options: “Facebook Live,” “External link,” or “Other.” Click “Next.”
  • After that, you’ll see the “Additional details” page. There you should tap on the “Upload Cover Photo“.
  • Then, you should add co-hosts. To do that, you should head to the “Event Settings” tab to make your guest list viewable to all invitees, and select admin and posting restrictions.
  • After you’ve finished the steps above, you should tap on the “Create Event” option.
  • You’d be asked whether you want to boost your event. It means you can pay for targeted event ads to specific audiences. 
  • To complete the process, you should tap on the “Share event” or “Link a group” options to inform people about your public event.

Since then, your event would be created. You can promote your product successfully if you’d create a great event. One of the marketing tricks is to create some polls which can interact with people, as they can feel that they’re a part of something bigger, and it’s always interesting to be involved.

How to write a good description of the event

A good description of the event is one of the most essential parts. Good description determines how many users would be interested in attending your event, so you must think a lot about how to announce your event to grasp users’ attention and make them be interested in attending it. As was mentioned before, the more people attend your event, the more potential clients you may have. So, if you want to write a great description, you should remember some points:

  • The text shouldn’t be gathered in one paragraph. It’s much better to read the description which is divided into paragraphs and includes some lists.
  • You shouldn’t write a long description, as the viewers may not want o read an article. It’s better to describe the event briefly and interesting.
  • You should mention whether the event is paid or free. If it’s paid, you should mention the cost.
  • Give short information about the speaker, however, don’t turn it into a biography on Wikipedia.
  • You should mention whether there’s a coordinator who can answer the questions about the event.
  • In case the event would be held in a large apartment, you should mention the exact room.
  • If the tickets are limited, you should say how many are left.

If you manage to complete all the tips that are mentioned above, your event would be popular and grasp the attention of the users. Don’t forget to make a great title image that would be pleasant to look at.

How to find and warm up the audience

If you’ve created an event, you shouldn’t think that that’s all. It’s important to warm up your audience and keep them interested in the event. The audience should eagerly await the event. There are some methods that can help you to engage the audience, just follow the tips which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • Create an event page in advance, at least two weeks in advance.
  • Make publications on the event page. This can be photos from past events, teasers, etc.
  • Create ad campaigns with goals:
    • Engagement. In the text of the ad, talk in detail about the event to get as many people as possible interested in the publication.
    • Traffic. Lead users to the event page, encouraging them to register or buy tickets.

To better engage the audience you can also add some polls. For people, it’s often important to stay anonymous. For cases like that, Facebook provided its users with a great opportunity to make anonymous polls that won’t show the name of the voter to the public.

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How to find the targeted audience

Finding the targeted audience is one of the most important parts of promotion. There are many methods to show your product to users who may be interested in it. Facebook also gives the influencers an opportunity like that, as it’s important to show the product to people based on their interests, as it may lead to an increasing number of clients. So, you can set up ads. To do that, you should:

  • During the campaign setup phase, under “Audiences,” choose “Create” – “Custom Audience.” 
  • Then select “Events‘.
  • All that’s left is to specify the criteria by which the user enters the audience and give the audience a name.

Since then, more and more people would be involved in your event. Of course, to promote your product better, you’ll need to make those events more and more. In this case, there’s a great option presented by Facebook to save your time and nerves. It’s possible to duplicate the Facebook Event.

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