Samsung dishwashers, like any other appliance or appliance, have a model number that allows you to know the characteristics of the dishwasher, including the width, year of manufacture of a particular model, sales region, etc.
Samsung adjusts to the peculiarities of customer perception of the type of dishwasher in a particular country and indicates those parameters in the name that is of most interest to customers when choosing a dishwasher.
For example, in the USA, it is customary to emphasize the feature of a dishwasher. Hence you can find such names as StormWas 48 dBA Dishwasher in Tuscan Stainless Steel or Smart Linear Wash 39dBA Dishwasher in Tuscan Stainless Steel.

In the UK, it is customary for the name of a dishwasher to specify the series, size type, and several sets of dishes that can be washed in a single load.
You might see names like Series 6 Freestanding Full-Size Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, or Series 6 Built-in Full-Size Dishwasher, 13 Place Settings.

But that’s just a trade name created primarily for marketing purposes. No matter what the manufacturer calls the dishwasher, it always has a model number that provides more detailed information about it. The model number is also used to find parts in parts catalogs.

Samsung dishwasher model number lookup

If you need to find the model number of your dishwasher, it’s pretty easy. Since dishwashers are permanently installed and connected to the water and sewage system, the manufacturer has made sure that you can easily see the information on the dishwasher. The information sticker can be found in two places.

On the door of the dishwasher, the sticker will be on the side or the top of the door.
But there are models that have the sticker on the side of the wall. The sticker is always placed on the outside of the rubber seal so as not to damage the information sheet while the dishwasher is running.

Samsung dishwasher model number lookup

What does Samsung dishwasher model number means

Now I will tell you in more detail what information you can get about the dishwasher using model number. Let’s look at model number DW80R7060UG/AA as an example.

 Samsung dishwasher model number means
Samsung dishwasher model number means
  • DW – Dishwasher.
  • 80 – Dishwasher width (actually it’s not the width of the dishwasher itself, but the dishwasher space, the real size is a little smaller).
    • 80 – standard dishwasher (used in the U.S.) that is about 60cm wide (24 in).
    • 60 – standard dishwasher width for Europe.
    • 50 – narrow dishwasher 45cm (18 inches).
  • R – the year of development of the dishwasher model.
    • B – 2022
    • A – 2021
    • T – 2020
    • R – 2019
    • N – 2018
    • M – 2017
    • K – 2016
    • J – 2015
    • H – 2014
    • F – 2013
    • E – 2012
    • D – 2011
    • C – 2010
    • B – 2009
    • A – 2008
  • 7 – series
  • 0 – series model
  • 60 – modification
  • U – design
  • G – the color of the dishwasher
    • W – white
    • S – silver
    • G – graphite
    • B – black
  • AA – a country the dishwasher is made for
    • AA – US, Canada
    • EU – UK
    • EO – Germany
    • EF – France
    • EC – Spain
    • ET – Italy
    • WT – Russia, Ukraine

How old is my dishwasher Samsung

You should know that the model number has a year identifier, but it is not the year of manufacture, but the year the model was developed. A Samsung dishwasher model can be manufactured for up to 6 years. Therefore, by the model number, you can only know the year in which sales of this dishwasher model began. The good thing is that Samsung does not hide the production date, you can find it out from the serial number or look at the sticker. On the sticker, you will see the assembly date of the dishwasher.

So, let’s look at the sticker, the model number is DW60M5050FS. That means the dishwasher model is from 2017. And it was manufactured on 08/09/2021. This washing machine model has been manufactured for 4 years, which means that it will soon be discontinued.

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