Subtitles are handy for people with hearing problems, and as an option, you can watch a movie or TV show without sound, getting the information from the subtitles. But for many people, they are unnecessary and only get in the way of watching a movie, constantly changing on the TV screen. But there is good news: subtitles can always be turned off, but some peculiarities of subtitle control are to consider.

Where to turn off subtitles

You should know the following; subtitles should be turned off on the device or in the application that creates subtitles; it is not always necessary to turn off subtitles on TV; I will try to explain it in this article.

Turning off subtitles when watching TV on TV – If you are watching terrestrial or cable TV and you have a cable connected to the TV input (antenna input or sat in), you should turn off subtitles on your TV;
If you watch videos through an app on your TVs, such as Amazon or Netflix, you must turn off subtitles in the app.
If you’re watching video through an external device connected via HDMI, such as a Roku, cable, or satellite receiver, you need to turn off subtitles on that device.

Turning off subtitles on your LG TV step by step

If you understand where the subtitles are coming from and need to turn them off, do the following.

  • Press the gear on the remote control; that’s the settings, and the TV menu opens. On my TV, the menu opens on the left.
  • Select “All Settings“; this is a circle with three dots. The TV will load the settings program; this will take a while.
  • Then select “General” settings, these are the basic settings of your TV, and then the advanced menu opens.
  • Select “Accessibility” and another menu will open; in this menu are the subtitle settings, but you won’t see them right away, they are at the very bottom of the menu, and you have to go to the end of the menu.
  • Press “Subtitles“, and you will be in the subtitles menu, and you can turn them off or on.

You can also see all the subtitle setup steps in the photo.

Setting Subtitles on LG TV

In addition, you can also adjust subtitles in this menu; for example, on my TV, you can select two subtitle languages. You should know that modern digital broadcasting can support multiple language versions of subtitles. You can set the subtitle languages. Then you can select a subtitle language when watching a TV program.

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