The Chinese company of the same name manufactures Hisense TVs. You should know that Hisense is the largest TV manufacturer and owns many brands; for example, Toshiba TVs are also Hisense. In addition, Hisense is the largest and most influential manufacturer of OEM TVs, so only 50% of the TVs produced are branded Hisense; the rest of the TVs leave the company’s assembly lines under other brands. This market saturation allowed the company to lead in selling televisions in some countries. Since the company’s business model until 2021 was built on OEM production, TV models were difficult to classify; there were hundreds of different models of televisions. Gradually, the company began to systematize TV models, which made obtaining some information by model number possible.

The meaning of the Hisense TV model number is explained.

A little history about Hisense TV model numbers: before 2021, TV model numbers varied by region, and the same model could have different numbers in North America, Europe, and Australia, making it difficult to understand the differences between TV models. Since this approach is good for the OEM but bad for the company promoting its product, it was decided to change it; most TVs received a single model number structure; these changes began in 2018. TV models with new model numbers were introduced in Europe in 2018, and the process will end in 2021. Starting in 2021, Hisense began assigning model numbers to its TVs using a consistent structure. The model number of the TV provides information about the following features of the TV.

  • Screen size
  • TV specifications and rating by specifications.
  • year of development
  • design

Example of Hisense TV model number, meaning

The Hisense model number is concise and contains information about the TV’s screen size and the year of development (model release). This is the information that you may need, but the series of the TV will not tell you anything; for example, in the A series TV; in this series, there are OLED, QLED TVs, and LED, so this is likely a classification more for Hisense than for consumers. Here’s how to decode your Hisense TV model number.

Let’s take the example of a TV with model number 65U77HQ,

  • 65: Screen size in inches.
  • U: The series or ranges of Hisense TVs are very conventional, as mentioned above. Hisense has U, K, R and E series TVs. When choosing a TV, study each of them separately, despite the similarity of the model number, their characteristics can be very different.
  • 7: Series
  • 7: The TV model is used in some regions.
  • H: year of release
  • Q: design

For some countries, letters may be added at the end of the model number to identify the model by region; for example, Hisense TVs for Australia have the letters AU at the end.

Hisense TVs by year, what year is my Hisense TV

Until 2023, Hisense follows the rule of releasing new models in the middle of the year and finalizing the release at the beginning of the following year. This is typical for OEMs: new models are developed at the beginning of the year, supply issues are resolved, and production starts in the second half of the year. But starting in 2023, the company is moving to a more consumer-friendly policy: new TVs are only introduced throughout the calendar year. Therefore, the release year identifier (release date) is as follows.

  • N – 2024
  • K – 2023
  • H – 2021/2022
  • G – 2020/2021
  • F – 2019/2020
  • E – 2018/2019
  • D – 2017/2018
  • C – 2016/2017
  • B – 2015/2016
  • A – 2014/2015

How to find out which region your Hisense TV is designed for

You should be aware that different regions have different digital broadcasting standards; for example, in North America there is an ATSC standard, and in Europe there is a DVB standard. Hisense doesn’t bother too much with this; Some countries may use separate identifiers in the model number, for example in Australia TVs have AU at the end of the model number. But for most countries there are no identifiers; It is assumed that televisions are supplied in accordance with the digital broadcasting standards adopted in the region or country.

Hisense serial number lookup: Hisense model number lookup

Of course, if you need the model number or serial number of your Hisense TV, you need to look it up first. You may also need the serial number when contacting customer service or for product registration. Here’s where you can find this information.

  1. You can always find the model number and serial number on the back of the TV. There’s always a sticker there with information about the TV. By the way, Hisense recommends looking for TV information on the sticker – that’s where the most accurate information is.
  2. You can also find the model number in the TV menu. However, since Hisense TV models come with different operating systems, the order in which you search for the model number and serial number of your Hisense TV is very different. As a rule, the information about the TV can be found in the sections about the device, system information or contacting support. For example, below is a picture of the menu of a Hisense TV running Google TV OS; as you can see, the information can be found in the “About” menu under “Legal information“.
  3. The packing box is the third option to find the serial number and model number; I recommend taking a picture or saving a part of the packing box with a sticker containing the TV information.

Old model number of Hisense TV until 2021

As I said before, there was no uniform policy for assigning model numbers to Hisense TVs until 2021. I can attribute this to the fact that the company prioritized TV production through an outsourcing system, and TV model production was secondary. To some extent, this is still the case, but the company is trying to expand its presence in global markets, adapting to the specifics of certain countries. For example, in the US, Hisense sells TVs running not only on the branded ViDAA OS, but also on Fire TV, Roku TV, and Google TV. In its home country, Hisense also uses the ViDAA brand for TVs. So before 2021 model numbers were very difficult to categorize, below you can see what model number formats Hisense used for its older TVs.

A brief overview of Hisense TVs

Hisense produces low-cost TVs, although there are also models with OLED displays. The quality of Hisense TVs has improved after the acquisition of Toshiba’s imaging division, including technical development and brand (TVs only). But still the lack of an overall global policy to promote the TVs is affecting. Hisense uses buzz ads (other companies do it too), which are somewhat inconsistent with reality: QLED TVs are usually equipped with 8-bit matrices with dithering technology. The advertised HI-VIEW Engine processor is a regular MediaTek MT9600 series processor with various modifications. I decided to download the instruction manual for the OLED TV A85K from the German Hisense website, and to my surprise when I downloaded it, I found out that the instruction is called MT9618EUEM (this is the model of the processor installed in the TV).

If you choose a Hisense TV, take the time to study the technical specifications, as the model numbers of TV sets do not reflect their technical capabilities. The model number is just an identifier for the TV.
Hisense makes TVs on six platforms, a TV can have six different operating systems installed on it.

  1. Google TV: This is an addition to Android, release 2021.
  2. Roku TV: Roku operating system
  3. Fire TV: Amazon’s operating system
  4. Vidaa TV: Hisense’s own operating system
  5. XClass TV: outdated OS
  6. Android TV: Google’s classic OS

Decoding model number of old Hisense TV: 55H9050E

When Hisense entered the world markets, it offered TVs with a wide variety of model numbers, here is an example of the decoding of the old Hisense TV model number.

  • 55 – TV diagonal size
  • H – Сountry for which the TV is made. Or differences in TVs
    • H – Hisense smart TV (US)
    • R – OS Roku TV
    • P – TVs for Australia
    • О – TVs for Japan
    • E – TVs for China
  • 9 – Series TV
  • 050 – Design, may be missing on some TV models
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    • 65A6101EU main board
      used in Hisense TVs 65H6570F,65H6590F,65H6510G (2019)

  1. What is 58A6503UW/S1Z1 – South Africa
    Need to download a software update but STRUGGELING

    • 58A6503UW – model TV
      S1Z1 – main board modification
      The software update at Hisense is problematic OS Vidaa is their own OS.

  2. MODEL: 55K305PW
    Please what year is this and is it FHD OR UHF AND IS IT 4K?

  3. Hi, What year model is this please? 43A7100F – I am in South Africa?

    • 43A7100F -2020
      International Model TV Europe, Africa and other countries

    • These are identical TVs assembled on the same MSD6683 chassis
      TP.MST6683T.PB732 TP.MST6683T.PB753
      32E5606EX 40E5606EX (LED40B6600, 43B6600, 32B6600). There may be different screens or the TVs are made for different countries.

  4. In UAE I was buying 85U8WFV having VIDAA 3 OS and it is 2019 Model, they said it is out of stock and advised me to take new model 85U8QF which has VIDAA 5 as OS.

    Are these same TVs or any lower specs in 85U8QF ? Please help.

    • In the case of Hisense, it is very hard to say anything specific. Many TV models have model numbers that vary from region to region. Logically the technical parameters should be the same. But in this case I do not know.

  5. Can you decode the model available in uae
    Hisense 65U7WF( year and category)
    It’s sold as ULED tv here

  6. What’s the year of Hisense 85U8WFV? I am unable to decode it. Please help

      • Hisense 65inch 65U8QF is it the same as H9G in North America at least by panel specs? (OS is different Android versus Vidaa) We cannot find any model in our location with U9QF if we go by your charts. Please help to decide. Also please tell us if Hisense 75inch 75U8QF has HDR 10+ or just HDR? and the panel refresh rate is 120 Hz for sure?

  7. What is the code for a 50A7300FTUK, can I use it on my Sky remote?

  8. Please help me decode (sticker on side of Hisense tv):

    Thank you

    • 55 – size
      U – ULED TV with a screen made using quantum dot technology
      6 – series
      А – 2019
      UW – mofication

  9. I am interested in a H8G or H9G and I am living in Germany, which are the most similar model numbers sold here in Germany? what about U7QF and U8QF?

  10. Hi there I’m from Malaysia and I’m looking for the Hisense H9G. The only ULED model I have is U800QF. This is the latest model. Should I get this TV? Is it the same range as H9G?

  11. What about the Hisense AE7000F? They sell it in Europa and on the Hisense Website they write “new in 2020”. What does A,E and F mean in this context? Thanks 🙂

  12. Even after reading your article I’m having trouble figuring out what my model number means

    MN: HU55A6800FUW

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time.

    • HU55A6800FUW is the electrical board number. Installs in model 55H8G TVs 2020

  13. Hello recently i bought hisense tv. I ordered 55A7120 tv. But they hav sent me 55A7120 model. Can i know the difference between these two models? Plz help

    • H65A6101EU – model 2018
      screen type VA 10bit (8bit+FRC)
      processor CPU ARM Cortex A9, 2 core, GPU Mali-400 MP2, 2core
      budget TV

      • Thanks! What is the model number published for this tv? I think the one i mentioned was the internal model.. how did you know that it was a 2018 model?

        • In Hisense, everything is very complicated, there is no single standard for television production. Hundreds of models of TV sets are produced in different factories.
          This board was installed in the TV sets of 2019. But this is a modification of the TV board in 2018.
          In general, Hisense wants to produce as many TVs as possible at a minimum price. Because of this a lot of complaints about the quality of TVs.

    • 6 – series
      7 – model
      00 – design
      PA – modification (For example, the type of screen PA is Full HD, HA is HD)

    • Since Hisense, produces many models of TVs, including the outsourcing scheme, there is no unified system of TV models. We can’t say anything specific about the x32n2176h TV model.

    • Is the model number of the TV correctly specified. According to the model number, it is 2020, but there is no information on the official websites of Hisense.

  14. Hello
    My Hi Sense TV Model No LEDN55T36R3D Was damaged by lightening
    Insurance co indicates tv obselete.
    Replacement Model 55B7100 UHD SMART LED TV
    PLEASE Confirm if correct.

    • Model 55B7100 2019 year
      LEDN55T36R3D – model 2012 year
      LEDN55T36R3D 2012 model has long been out of production. Replacement for model 2019, good solution.

  15. Please,I want to know which model is N50HTS,where it is manufactured. And where can I locate my serial number and model number on my TV. Thanks.

    • N50HTS TV for Africa, produced by Indonesia or China. Information about the TV you can find at the back of the TV, there is an information sticker.

  16. Hi Jimmy.

    I have a LEDN49M35P

    It never came with a remote control.

    Which model if remote does it use?

    • Model TV H9G H9F only for America
      Model 55Q8600UWG – 2019 – 2020 Year, QLED TV
      Panel manufacturer – Hisense
      Panel model HD550V6U53
      Display technology LCD/LED lit
      LED Matrix Resolution (Horiz x Vert) pixel 3840 x 2160
      Colour depth bit 10bit but most likely (8bit + FRC)
      Image refresh frequency Hz 120

    • 55A6103 2018 year
      UHD (4K) screen, 10bit (8bit+FRC) backlight dithering technology applied (it is very unlikely that a television can show an image with a color depth of 10 bits)
      maximum TV can show 60 frames per second
      HDR10+ not supported, only HDR10 and HLG

  17. I got sold a Led Backlight TV as 4K
    Model number 50A6101EX
    Pls what year was this made and is it 4K tv ?
    I look forward to your response

  18. I got sold a Led Backlight TV as 4K
    Model number 50A6101EX
    Pls what year was this made and is it 4K tv ?

  19. Hisence sold in canada as4k uld model H8608 or not know what production number,year and specks.sold to me apr. 2020.odd model?

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