The designation of the Siemens washing machine model number is similar to that of Bosch washing machines, and this is understandable because both brands belong to the same group of companies.

How do I know the production date of my Siemens washing machine? Serial number of Bosch and Siemens washing machine, how to find and decipher 1980-2019

What does the model number of the Siemens washing machine mean?

There are few washing machine models, but thoughtful design and workmanship have long won the trust in Siemens technology. Depending on the country, the number of washing machines in each series may vary slightly by several models. The model number contains information about the type of washing machine, spin speed, information about the type of control and design.

But in addition, Siemens washing machines are divided into series, in series everything is simple, the bigger the number of series, the more possibilities the washing machine has. The washing machines of the following series are produced: avantgarde, iQ800, iQ700, iQ500, iQ300, and briefly about the features of the washing machines in each series.

Series washer Siemens

  • avantgarde – a series of washing machines with a new design, a large touch screen.
  • iQ800 – i-Dos dosing system and iQdrive motor, touchscreen display for controlling the operation of the washing machine.
  • iQ700 – iSensoric touchscreen display and iDos detergent dispensing system, built-in WI-FI and Home Connect system (smart home).
  • iQ500 – iQdrive motor
  • iQ300 – In some models, iQdrive motor, but mostly normal, reduced the maximum speed during the spin cycle.

Which means IQ in series washing machines

IQ – means smart washing machine, when washing machines began to do with additional programs to improve washing, Siemens launched a new line of washing machines IQ, it happened in the early 2000s

There are several types of marking Siemens washing machines
Type 1 – New type of the washing machine model number, used since 2018.
type No. 2 – the outdated type of designation of the model number, was used approximately until 2018.

Washing machine model number Siemens 2018-2020

Siemens washing machine decode example model

Explanation of Siemens washing machine labelling using the WS12T440OE model as an example

  • W – washing machine
  • S is a narrow washing machine 45 cm deep.
    • M – standard washing machine 60cm deep.
    • I – built-in washing machine.
    • P – top-loading washing machine.
    • U – washing machine with removable top cover, can be built under the worktop, e.g. in the kitchen.
  • 12 – maximum spin speed
    • 10 — 1000
    • 12 — 1200
    • 14 — 1400
    • 16 — 1600
  • T – washing machine control type X, U, Y, W, T, L, G, N The company is developing new control types, for example, at the end of 2019 a new control type X was introduced.
  • 4 – a modification of the washing machine control, washing programmes are being changed.
  • 40 – washing machine model
  • OE – for which countries are manufactured, the designation corresponds to the internationally accepted country abbreviation.
    • OE – Russia,
    • EU – Germany
    • GB – United Kingdom
    • FF – France
    • ES – Spain

Siemens washing machine model number decode exlained type  2

Almost the same model designation of a washing machine, but there are some differences.

  1. The maximum number of revolutions can be denoted by one letter.
  2. The control type in the washing machine is indicated by two letters. First letter control type second modification.

All other designations are the same. For Germany, the model number may not include letters indicating the country for which the washing machine was manufactured.

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