LG TV, 6 series for the North American market (USA, Canada) is represented by TVs with a screen size of 43 inches 43UK6500AUA and 43UK6300PUE.

If you compare these TVs to the main parameters, you can see the difference only in the number of HDMI ports. But this suggests that the TVs use different chassis. Because of this, there are differences on other parameters that do not particularly affect the quality of the image, but nevertheless they are.

Some sources indicate that the 43UK6500AUA is equipped with a VA-type matrix, but the LG official site specifies an IPS-type matrix. Most likely IPS, the last few years LG in TV sets only IPS matrix (OLED).

List of differences 3UK6300PUE vs 43UK6500AUA

The difference between the TVs is only three.

  1. The number of HDMI ports in the model 43UK6300PUE-3pc, 43UK6500AUA-2pc.
  2. 43UK6300PUE there is no technology Wide Color Gamut (software adjustment of the depth of color gamut)
  3. The 43UK6500AUA is slightly better than the brightness and static contrast of the image, but the average user most likely will not notice the differences.
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