Televisions with a screen size of 49-50 inches, for the North American market is not much. This is due to the fact that most people buy a TV with a large screen. LG represents the largest number of TV models, but in fact, there are only two models of TVs UK6300 and UK6500.

The most attractive offer from Sony XBR-49X900F, firstly it is a TV of the 9 series, and also it has a matrix with support for 10 bit color depth, in other models 8 bit matrix, thanks to the FRC declared a pseudo 10 bit depth of color shades. Declared support for 120 frames per second.

Samsung UN49NU8000 differs from other models by the presence of a subwoofer (low-frequency speaker) with a power of 20 watts.

LG models 6300 do not have a function of local dimming of the screen.

On the possibilities and quality of the image, TVs can be divided by rating.

    1. Sony XBR-49X900F
    2. Samsung UN49NU8000
    3. LG UK6500
    4. Samsung UN50NU7100
    5. LG  UK6300

Depending on the capabilities of the TV, the price of the TV is also significantly different.

TV 49'-50' comparison LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic (US, Canada)

BrandModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeSeriesMotion RateRefresh RateBit screenscreen resolutionSmart platformspeakersProcessorCurvedvoice commandDimmingtunerPorts
SamsungUN50NU71002018VA5071206010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10WQuad-coreNonoyesATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0)
SamsungUN49NU80002018VA4981206010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10W+1x20W(woofer)Quad-coreNoyesyesATSC;ClearQAM4xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0)
LG50UK6500AUA2018VA5061206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuad-coreNoyesyesATSC;ClearQAM4xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
LG49UK6300PUE2018IPS RGBW4961206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuad-coreNoyesnoATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
LG49UK6300BUB2018IPS RGBW4961206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuad-coreNoyesnoATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
LG50UK6300PUE2018VA4961206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuad-coreNoyesnoATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
LG50UK6300BUB2018VA5061206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuad-coreNoyesnoATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
SonyXBR-49X900F2018VA49924012010bitUHDAndroid2x10WQuad-coreNoyesyesATSC;ClearQAM4xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0); 1xUSB(3.0)

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