What is the local dimming technology Local Dimming?

Note that at this time there are about 50 titles screen dimming technology. LG and Samsung have about 10 of them each.

local-dimming (локальное затемнение)

Manufacturers are constantly improving the quality of the image on the TV. As you know, LED TVs have a significant drawback due to the manufacturing characteristics of LED TVs, there is no black color image. Even the deepest black is dark gray. To get a black color, the backlight control was invented.

The principle of technology Local Dimming – lights on TV is designed so that a part of the LEDs can be switched off, the LEDs are grouped into so-called blocks or zones that are turned off, so that the black color of the screen will be more natural. This technology can be applied only in the LED televisions.

Different companies are coming up with their own titles this technology.

As an example, in TVs Panasonic Model TX-L55wT60E WT series of the most advanced technology development in 2013, there are 16 local dimming zones.

It should be noted that this technology can be applied only in scenes with large parts and a fairly static scenes. Optical properties of LEDs are that they are not switched off immediately, and in dynamic scenes it is virtually useless.

Basically Local Dimming Technology pursues a marketing ploy. According to some studies, more than half the users do not notice the difference when you turn on this feature. And if the black background there is a small light details of the possible deterioration of image quality even.

Example image with and without local dimming.

local dimming TV
local dimming TV


without local dimming
without local dimming

Disadvantages: as you know any electronic device, not like modes (switching on and off) at the time of voltage electronic devices are subjected to the greatest loads, so that it can be assumed that the application functions Local Dimming will to some extent reduce the service life of LED lights. But given period declared by the manufacturer of the TV service of 7-10 years, it is enough that the television would have worked before the scheduled replacement.

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