What is Lock Mode

Since televisions can work in different environments, for example, a television can be installed in a public place to show information. And as a rule, access to television should be restricted.

How Lock Mode works in the TV LG example.

Lock Mode provides the ability to lock the entrances to the TV. Which ports should be locked, it is recorded at the software level. A user who has access to a TV simply needs to go to the menu and enable Lock Mode.

Lock Mode

After enabling the Lock Mode, you need to restrict access to the menu, it is solved simply by setting a password to access the menu. Once the settings have been made, no one else can start the video. The TV set has double protection, ports are disabled and access to the control system is password protected.

Other Lock Mode modifications

Each manufacturer has its own algorithms of TV protection. For example, Samsung can enable panel lock. This is done using the remote control. Once the lock is enabled, the control on the TV is completely disabled and the control buttons on the TV are locked.
Turning on the TV Lock mode is also one modification of the TV Control Lock mode.

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