Mobile ecosystems what is it

The last 10 years on the Internet very often recall mobile ecosystems. Since the main operating systems in phones are iOS and Android, they came up with the names Apple ecosystem and Android ecosystem. Following the imposition of sanctions on Huawei, the term Huawei ecosystem has also emerged. The mobile operating systems Windows Mobile and Blackberry are also ecosystems, but they are extinct.

The true value of the ecosystem

Well, let’s remember what an ecosystem is, the concept of an ecosystem arose in the 30s of the 20th century and described the system of life in nature. Plants, living organisms live in nature in a balanced, cyclical manner, ensuring the existence of the created system for thousands of years.

What is a mobile ecosystem explain

What could be the ecosystem in a mobile phone. Ecosystem, just a beautiful name, remember about 10 years ago, the term web 2.0 was coined and promoted intensively, when leading experts said that it was an invention that had no real embodiment, they stopped recalling this term.

The same thing happens and mobile ecosystems sound beautiful. For example, Apple OS, yes there is such software, but Apple’s mobile ecosystem sounds more mysterious and respectable. You can call an ecosystem anything. For example, you can come up with the name of the ecosystem at home and justify the chain of a refrigerator, a person, a toilet, why is this not an ecosystem. Even pictures were invented explaining how the mobile ecosystem works, combining everything that came to mind in one system.

Whether mobile ecosystems exist or not

In fact, no mobile ecosystems exist; there are simply operating systems for mobile devices developed by various companies. These programs allow you to manage e-mail, store information on servers. But in their work there is no ecosystem, they are just programs, and equipment for storing programs and data, all these segments exist separately and are unable to create a mobile ecosystem. Yes, devices can interact with each other using the Internet as a system for transmitting information, transmit information and settings. You can install a program from the application store, but they cannot create an ecosystem.

Just a man created new tools for a more comfortable existence. If a person does not need them or become obsolete they will disappear. As has happened many times in history, let us give a few examples. For lighting, a man used candles, now electric bulbs, hunted with a bow, and used horses to transport materials. They came up with something better, moved to a new level, the old became unnecessary.

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