Who makes Philips home appliances

Philips diversified corporation, one of the directions, production of small home appliances. Philips is not engaged in the manufacture of refrigerators or washing machines. But at the same time it sells aerogrili, multivars, blenders, irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines. Direction of household appliances is separated into a separate company Philips Consumer Lifestyle, the company was established in 2008.

Now the sale of small kitchen appliances became uninteresting for Philips, high production costs, strong competition make this direction unpromising. On a background of other branches of manufacture which is engaged Philips, medicine and health care, trade in home appliances for Philips is unpromising.

Therefore in 2020 Philips has declared the intention to sell in 2021 the division of home appliances. But of course, potential buyers will be interested in the brand, developments (if Philips sells or licenses them for home appliances, as it did with televisions and monitors) and of course interested in the markets, and the main markets for home appliances Philips, China, North America, Europe.

Where is produced small home appliances and kitchen appliances Philips

Philips some home appliances is produced by joint ventures, mainly in China and orders the production of home appliances in OEM, ODM manufacturers who produce goods with the Philips label. On home appliances Philips information sheet is very brief with minimal information, the model and made in China, information about the place of production is not disclosed.

Philips factory in Romania

In Romania Philips bought the company Sogeco Romania SRL in 2000. Manufacturer of coffee machines. The company was renamed Philips Orastie, the main production of oral care items, but also produced coffee machines.

Philips factories in China and Indonesia

There are about 30 joint ventures in China to produce small household appliances, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, kettles and kitchen appliances. This is the main place where Philips manufactures and orders the manufacture of household appliances. In Indonesia, Philips irons are produced. According to the list of major suppliers of Philips in 2016-2017, the main suppliers of household appliances were companies.

Manufacture of Philips home appliances in India

In India, Philips has several joint ventures that produce household appliances for the domestic market. In India, it is more profitable to produce production than import. Therefore, all large companies are trying to open production in the country to be competitive with other manufacturers.

Given the current situation in the market for home appliances, when you order a finished product under its brand name, it has become cheaper than to do their own development, it is logical that so far, Philips home appliances are quoted in the markets and are in demand among buyers. It was decided to sell the direction of production of small household and kitchen appliances. So, that is quite possible, we learn the news about the sale of the direction of Philips home appliances of another company.

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