In the Samsung 2015, a new line of TVs SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition) with improved screens, with elements of quantum dots. In SUHD TVs the Nano crystal technology is applied. In fact, this is not a separate technology, but just an advanced technology of making screens.

The difference between SUHD vs UHD LED

SUHD screens differ in that the QDEF layer (Quantum Dot Enhancement Film) is applied. It is a thin film, a kind of light filter, thanks to this layer the color rendering of the image is improved. As researches show really color rendering of SUHD TVs is better on 10-15%. SUHD improved screens provide better image quality compared to ordinary LED screens.

quantum-dot screen

It is a transition technology from LED to QLED, later Samsung stopped producing SUHD TVs. The production capacity was upgraded and QLED screens began to be produced to replace SUHD. In QLED, the pixels themselves are already manufactured using new materials, the need for a separate layer has become unnecessary. Since 2017, Samsung has stopped production of SUHD TVs.

The next generation of SUHD

The TVs SUHD were renamed to Crystal UHD. Production of TVs with improved screens is continuing. But whether Samsung uses this technology in its Crystal UHD series TVs is unknown. It may well be that the screens in such TVs and not produced by Samsung, and other manufacturers. In Samsung Crystal UHD TVs, these are budget level TVs, image quality a little better than LED. Production of such TVs is appropriate to fill a niche cheap TVs.

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