If you buy an OLED TV from Samsung, you will see two models, S90C and S95C. And the price difference between these TVs is around $1000. And, of course, you’ll be wondering if the S95C TV model is worth paying more for and how it differs from the S90C model. That’s what I want to tell you about.

Samsung S90C new or old TV model

You should know that these are 2023 TVs with OLED screens developed by Samsung; they belong to the nine series of TVs, the highest class.

The S90C is a 2022 TV copy of the S95B, only with a new Tizen 7.0 (2023) operating system version. Samsung OLED S90C is the reincarnation of S95B 2022. The form factor of the two models is ultimately the same. All the ports and their location in the S90C (2023) are precisely the same as in the S95B (2022), indicating the use of the same scheme. But to show that the S90 model is inferior to the S95, you must make visible differences between them. Samsung decided to do a straightforward thing by reducing the number of speakers and converting the S90C to a scheme of two speakers and one subwoofer, thereby worsening the sound in the younger TV model.

For example, you can look at the picture of the S95B and S90C TVs, and you will see the complete identity of the port arrangement.

Differences between Samsung OLED S90C and S95C

Now for the differences between these 2023 TV models.

Form Factor: The S90C model has all the electronic components and the screen in one housing. The S95C has a separate One Connect unit. This unit houses the power supply and the main board of the TV. The TV itself has an OLED display control board.

Sound: The S90C has 2.1 sound, the S95C has 4.2.2 sound, six speakers, and two subwoofers.
Ports: The S95C has three USB ports, one more than the S90C.

These are all the differences between the TVs that I learned from their specifications. But that doesn’t answer why the S95C is more expensive than the S90C.

The cost of the S95C and the S90C

55S90C 65S90C 77S90C
55S95C 65S90C 77S90C

As I said before, the cost of the TVs is entirely different, with a difference of about $1000. So what are we paying more for when we buy an OLED S95C model? Usually, new TV models cost more at the beginning of sales, but in this case, it doesn’t work for both 2023 models. What would make the price of a TV so much higher? Let’s think about it:
USB port – no, an additional USB port costs about $1
Audio: – also, no, the cost of additional speakers is no more than $100, plus the S95B model that has more speakers is much cheaper.
One connect unit: – also, no, the cost of production is almost the same for both the built-in main board and the external unit.

The big difference between the TV models is due to the use of second-generation OLED panels in the S95C model.

The new OLED panels have increased brightness; according to Samsung, the colors on the OLED screen in the S95C are 30% brighter than in the 2022 models. Now it’s clear why the S95C costs more than the S90C. Yes, the improved Display is more expensive.

S95C and S90C Specifications

Technical specifications of S90C, S95C models in one table. You can view and compare both TV models.

S90C (2023) S95C (2023)
Screen Size55, 65, 7755, 65, 77
StyleFlat PanelFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
screen bit10bit10bit
type scrennQD+OLEDQD+OLED
screen technologyOLEDOLED
Backlightingself-luminous pixelsself-luminous pixels
Dimming Technologypixel levelpixel level
Stand Type (Color)SIMPLE PLUS-METALSlim OC Stand
Bezel Width4 Bezel-less4 Bezel-less
Motion Rate
refresh rate120Hz (Up to 144Hz)120Hz (Up to 144Hz)
ColorPerceptional Color MappingPerceptional Color Mapping
ContrastSelf-illuminating pixelsSelf-illuminating pixels
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)Quantum HDR OLEDQuantum HDR OLED+
Picture EngineNeo Quantum Processor 4KNeural Quantum Processor 4K
Film ModeYesYes
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)YesYes
Motion TechnologyMotion Xcelerator Turbo ProMotion Xcelerator Turbo Pro
DolbyMS12 5.1chMS12 5.1ch
Dolby AtmosYesYes
Sound Output40W70W
Speaker Type2.1 CH4.2.2 CH
Object Tracking SoundOTS LiteYes
Q-SymphonyYes only soundbarYes only soundbar
Multiroom LinkYesYes
OSTizen 7.0Tizen 7.0
Wi-FiYes WiFi5Yes WiFi5
BluetoothYes (ver.5.2)Yes (ver.5.2)
Samsung HealthYesYes
Film ModeYesYes
Filmmaker ModeYesYes
360 Video PlayerNAYes
360 Camera SupportNAYes
Easy SetupYesYes
App CastingYesYes
Wireless TV On - Samsung WOWYesYes
Wired TV On - Samsung WOLYesYes
Wireless DEXYesYes
Closed CaptioningYesYes
Auto Game Mode YesYes
Eco SensorYesYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
SmartThings App SupportYesYes
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYes
TV PlusYesYes
Web BrowserYesYes
FreeSyncYes FreeSync Premium Yes
IP ControlYesYes
BT HID SupportYesYes
MBR SupportYesYes
IPv6 SupportYesYes
Tap ViewYesYes
Auto Game Mode (ALLM)YesYes
Multi ViewYes 2 videosYes 2 videos
Game Motion PlusYesYes
Dynamic Black EQYesYes
Super Ultra Wide Game ViewYesYes
Game barYes 3.0Yes 3.0
Expert CalibrationNAYes
Auto Channel SearchYesYes
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)NAYes
Ambient ModeYesYes
Auto Power OffYesYes
AI TechnologyYesYes
Auto Motion PlusYesYes
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYes
TV to Mobile - MirroringYesYes
USB HID SupportYesYes
AI UpscaleYesYes
Easy SetupYesYes
IoT HubYesYes
TV initiate mirroringYesYes
Video CommunicationGoogle DuoGoogle Duo
Inputs & Outputs
HDMI4 ver 2.14 ver 2.1
RF In (Terrestrial/CableYesYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes Europe, No USYes Europe, No US
Digital Audio Out (Optical)YesYes
Audio Return Channel SupportYesYes
One ConnectNoYes
Samsung OneRemoteYesYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC 3.0 (Canada) ATSC/ClearQAM - US: DVB- Europe ATSC 3.0 (Canada) ATSC/ClearQAM - US: DVB- Europe
Analog TunerYesYes
Remote controlTM2360E solarTM2360E solar

Which is better to buy an OLED TV, Samsung S90C or S95C

Here are two options; if you can afford to buy an expensive TV, look at the S95C TV, this model looks better during the day or in brightly lit rooms because it has a brighter OLED panel.

If you want to buy a cheaper TV, buy the S95B; yes, buy the 2022 TV, it has the same display, but it has better acoustics. If you still prefer a newer TV, you can buy an S90C.

FAQ about Samsung 2023 OLED TV

  • What is the difference between Samsung S95C and S90C?: There is a big difference between the TVs; the S95C model is equipped with a second-generation display with 30% higher brightness. Secondary advantages are better and more powerful sound in S95C. Design is so insignificant in today’s televisions that it can be ignored. 
  • Is the Samsung S95C worth it?: OLEDs are the televisions with the best picture quality. That’s why the S95 is worth its money. 
  • Is Samsung OLED better than Sony?: You should know that Sony televisions use OLED displays made by Samsung. Since Sony uses its image correction software, the picture tones may differ. But you will only be able to notice this if the two TVs are side by side. 
  • Is there anything better than OLED?: No, right now, OLED TVs have the best picture quality; something better has yet to be invented. 
  • What’s the difference between the S90C, S91C, S92C, S93C, and S94C: These are all from the S90 range; the difference is a slightly improved sound, as well as a slight design change, usually changing the color of the frame elements. 
  • Is S90C better than S95B?: S90C TV is inferior to S95C, previous generation OLED screen with standard brightness, S95C TV has higher brightness. 
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