Serial number of washing machines Bosch, Siemens, what is the number FD, Z-nr

In this article we will look at how to decipher the information label. We will tell you what is the FD number, the serial number of a Bosch and Siemens washing machine, how to find the serial number of a Bosch, Siemens washing machine, how to find the year of manufacture of a Bosch, Siemens washing machine. How to find out if your washing machine is a fake. And also how to find out where your Bosch, Siemens washing machine is made.

What does FD, Z-NR, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau washing machine serial number mean

Bosch, Siemens washing machines are produced by one group of companies BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, which has adopted its own standard for indicating the assembly date and serial number. Therefore, the decoding of the serial number and date of manufacture of washing machines is the same for Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau.

Bosch serial number lookup

Bosch serial number location. Information about the Bosch, Siemens washing machine is printed on the information sheet which is glued to the back of the washing machine. A duplicate sticker with basic information (assembly date, serial number) is located on the inside of the washing machine door, the information on both stickers must match.

Example sticker for a Bosch washing machine

If you need information about your washing machine and you find an information sticker, you might be a little confused. You won’t see the model number or the serial number, the information on the sticker will be a little different. Now I’m going to tell you how to properly understand the information you’ll see on the sticker.

  • E-Nr. WAS28775/23 – washing machine model
  • FD – (Factory Date) date of manufacture, 8907 consists of 4 digits, how to decipher the date of manufacture of the washing machine will be discussed below.
  • Z -Nr. – washing machine number, six digits 200430, how to decipher it we will also look at.
  • 489070250386004303 – full serial number of your Bosch washing machine, the serial number contains information and you can find out what the serial number says.

Example of decoding serial number, FD, washing machine Znr Bosch, Siemens

What is FD number? FD number (Factory Date) decode, explained

Bosch serial number age. FD – (Factory Date) is the production date of the 8907 washing machine: the washing machine was manufactured in July 2009. Bosch encodes the production date and it should be decoded as follows:

How to find out when my washing machine (Bosch, Siemens) was manufactured, decoding number FD

  • 8 – The cipher of the decade, in this case, it means that the washing machine was made between 2000 and 2009.
    • 0 – 2020 – 2022
    • 9 – 2010 – 2019
    • 8 – 2000 – 2009
    • 7 – 1990 – 1999
    • 6 – 1980 – 1989
    • 5 – 1970 – 1979
    • 4 – 1960 – 1969
    • 3 – 1950 – 1959
    • 2 – 1940 – 1949
    • 1 – 1930 – 1939
  • 9 – year in a decade, which means that the washing machine was manufactured in 2009.
  • 07 – month of manufacture of the washing machine, indicated by two digits, 07 this washing machine was manufactured in July.

FD numbers (date code) – year and month of manufacture Bosch/Siemens/Gaggenau

So, you should know, FD is the date of manufacture of the serial number, I made a table in which you can easily find your FD number and find out when the washing machine was manufactured. And not only the washing machine, but basically any Bosch appliance.

FD number Bosch-Siemens

year/month JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril May June July AugustSeptemberOctober November December
2019 990199029903990499059906990799089909991099119912
2018 980198029803980498059806980798089809981098119812

Z- Nr Bosch, Siemens decode

What is Z NR?

This is the serial number of the washing machine assembled on the assembly line.

Z- Nr. – 200430

  • 2 – assembly line number
  • 00430 – washing machine number, decoded as follows, in July 2009, this washing machine 430 came off the second assembly line. The five-digit designation allows you to assign the washing machines the number 99999, which is 3225 washing machines per day, 134 per hour, 2 per minute. Obviously, it is impossible to produce that many on a single conveyor, and 5 digits is enough to create an identification number.

Decoding the serial number of Bosch, Siemens washing machines explained

The washing machine is also assigned a serial number which contains additional information. The serial number is an additional protection entered by the washing machine manufacturer. The serial number controls the correctness of the washing machine information, in turn the serial number consists of 18 digits 489070250386004303 and can be explained as follows.

It should be noted that washing machines produced before 2000 did not have a serial number. The manufacturer only provided information about the model number, year of manufacture, and washing machine number.

How do I know what country my Bosch/Siemens/Gaggenau washing machine is made in?

Now let’s see how to understand the entire serial number from Bosch.

  • 48 – is the code of the factory where the washing machine was assembled. The factory where the washing machine is assembled is assigned an individual code. You can tell from this code in which country the washing machine was assembled. Although nowadays, of course, there is no difference where the washing machine was made. At Bosch plants operates a unified quality system, which ensures the high quality of manufactured products.
    • 40 – Germany
    • 41 – Poland
    • 42 – Germany
    • 43 – Turkey
    • 45 – Germany
    • 48 – Germany
    • 84 – Thailand
    • 85 – USA
    • 87 – China
    • 88 – Russia
    • 99 – Germany
  • 9 is the year of manufacture, the last year of the decade. The date of manufacture may be detailed in the FD number.
  • 07 – month of manufacture.
  • 0250386 – internal manufacturer code, which contains service information such as component suppliers.
  • 00430 – washing machine number
  • 3 – Serial Number Control Code, used to verify that the serial number is correct.

Fake serial number, Bosch washing machine

Sometimes there are discrepancies between the serial number, FD codes and the washer serial number. As an example in the photo above. According to the FD and Z-Nr information, the washer was produced in 2001 in May and came off the assembly line under the number 3545. According to the serial number, the washer was produced in 2001 in December and came off the assembly line under the number 90733.

It’s a fake sticker, the following says it:

  • The Z-Nr. number must consist of six digits.
  • The production date in FD and the serial number are different.
  • The number of washing machines produced by Z-Nr. is very large 3543, the production of this washing machine on the assembly line was 3543, this is produced per month. If you divide by the number of days in a month, that’s 120 a day, which is a lot, although on the big lines at the end of the month it is possible. But by serial number, that’s 90,733 washing machines. It is simply not possible to produce 90,000 washing machines a month on a single line.
  • The Z-Nr code and the ZNR code in the serial number do not match.

Those who printed the sticker did not know that the serial number must contain FD and Z-Nr information. Because the washing machine is not made by Bosch, or it is another model of an earlier model on which a fresh sticker has been affixed. Or, alternatively, the washing machine is assembled from several washing machines, then the sticker is imprinted much later.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! I recently bought a Bosch washing machine and I was curious as to when and where it was produced. Your article is the only one in the web (as far as I searched anyway) that thouroughly explains every single aspect of the serial code and helped me track down the actual date, assembly line and country of manufacture of my machine


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