Who Makes Westinghouse TV, Element TV, Seiki TV

Element TV, Seiki TV, Westinghouse TV, and THTF are trademarks owned or used by Tsinghua Tongfang of China. This company manufactures televisions under the Seiki, Westinghouse TV, and THTF brands. The brands were created to promote the televisions produced by this company in the world – a little bit about the company’s brands.

  • THTF is the brand for China
  • Element is the brand for the United States
  • Seiki is a brand for the United States
  • Westinghouse TV is a brand for the United States.

Tsinghua Tongfang decided to enter the American market, and in 2000 TVs were introduced in the United States. The televisions were made in China and shipped to the United States. But conquering a new market takes work, so it was decided to launch three brands; they should compete and generally occupy a specific part of the TV market. It was decided to create brands geared towards the American consumer, with names more suitable for the North American market. So these brands appeared, but since they are TVs from the same company, they use the same material base for TVs, so these brands are equal and can be attributed to the budget segment.

Brand Element TV

Who makes Element TVs – Element Electronics manages the brand in the United States. At first, the TVs made in China were sold in the United States. Later, the decision was made to open a TV assembly plant in the United States, and in 2015 the plant began assembling TVs in Winnsboro, South Carolina. All the components are made in China. Only the assembly is done in the factory. Modern televisions do not require adjustment after assembly. All you have to do is check to see if the TV works. The company does not incur special costs to assemble the televisions in the United States. But such a decision allowed to slightly raise the brand image and position the TVs as made in the USA. But as you understand, it is just an assembly in the USA. TVs mainly use the operating system Roku TV and are designed for consumers who buy a TV to watch TV channels and applications through Roku TV.

Brand Seiki TV

The Seiki brand is operated by Seiki Digital, which sells and services Seiki-brand televisions. The televisions are manufactured in China. In the U.S. market, they are very modest, with more offerings in Australia. TVs with the Android operating system. But judging by the small number of proposals, the brand is withdrawn from the U.S. market. The TVs are characterized by low cost; of course, this suggests that the TVs use components produced in older factories. So I saw an offer of TVs with HD screens, by today’s standards, is the level of 2013-2016. At that time, such TVs were in the lineup of TVs of the significant TV production leaders.

Brand Westinghouse TV

Westinghouse Electronics sell Westinghouse TVs. The company purchased a license to manufacture and sell Westinghouse-branded televisions. The license was purchased from Westinghouse Licensing Corporation, which sells the rights to sell various Westinghouse-branded products. Westinghouse Electronics is a company with a consonant name. The televisions use the Roku TV operating system. In the line of TVs offered, the TVs with HD screens are, as I said, seven years old, but the TVs are very cheap, and many people buy them, especially during sales like Black Friday.

Element, Seiki, Westinghouse TVs, where TVs are made

All three brands are made in China at Tsinghua Tongfang factories. The company focuses more on the Chinese market, where cheaper TVs are popular, even if they have mediocre parameters. Therefore, to make production as cheap as possible, the TVs are equipped with screens produced at the factories of previous generations.
Some Element televisions are assembled from off-the-shelf components in the United States. Most televisions are sold through Walmart and Target, although some models can also be found on Amazon.

Brands Element, Seiki, Westinghouse good or not

TVs in the medium price range, budget models. The quality corresponds to the price. From these TVs, you should expect something unusual. The advantage of these TV models is the price. But if you are willing to pay more, you can buy a much better TV. Suppose you don’t particularly care about picture quality and extras, and you only need the TV to watch TV shows, and you can buy one. I recommend purchasing a three-year TV protection plan. If you have a problem with your TV, you can replace it with a similar one.

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    • Outdated model of TV – 5-7 years have passed since the TV was released, spare parts are no longer available from official service centers. Repair is possible only if spare parts are available. Software updates are no longer available.

  1. I bought a WESTINGHOUSE TV/DVD COMBO (2 YEAR WARRANTY) late last year. Finally fired it up and it EATS any DVD put into it. I have been trying for WEEKS thru various avenues to get Westinghouse to reply, refund, SOMETHING. All I’ve gotten are blind email reply addresses, no call backs, no replies of any kind. Then after waiting WEEKS for SOME response, I get an email that the case will be closed due to INACTIVITY! I tried to reply to that email as directed only to have ALL emails UNDELIVERABLE. The Customer Service email WON’T accept responses.

    • I’m the original poster and did not sign this as “Anonymous.”

      I WANT my name on THIS: MRS RENATA RAY

  2. My element 40in tv has very poor,unclear sound.Is this fixable in any way? My element 32 in has a fine audio system. pLease respond

  3. Hi, the Element tv that I purchased a few years ago is a must have. With the holidays coming up It would make an awesome gift. I have really enjoyed it. Would love to have another put in my home.


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