We offer to try to set up the TV UH8500 model, this model is manufactured for the US and Canada. In Europe, the model is designated UH850v.

As usual for best picture are invited to turn off all additional functions and carry out the settings.



Picture Mode standart IRE Red Green Blue
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Energy Saving Off
Picture Mode Settings
Backlight 82
Contrast 97
Brightness 50
H Sharpness 0
V Sharpness 0
Color 51
Tint 0
Picture Options
Noise Reduction Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off
Black Level Low
LED Local Dimming Off
TruMotion Off
Expert Control
Dynamic Contrast Off
Super Resolution Off
Color Gamut normal
Edge Enhancer Off
Color Filter Off
Gamma 2.2
White Balance 9 9 1
Color Temperature Warm2
Method 2 point
Pattern Outer
Point Low

Try an alternative configuration parameters:

  • Picture Mode-Standard
  • Backlight-82
  • Contrast-98
  • Brightness-49
  • Sharpness-25
  • Color-51
  • Tint-0
  • Color Temp-0
  • Under Advanced Controls
  • Dynamic Contrast-High
  • Dynamic Color-Med
  • Preferred Color
  • Skin Color 2
  • Grass Color 3
  • Sky Color 3
  • Color Gamut-Normal
  • Super Resolution-High
  • Gamma High1
  • Under Picture Options
  • Noise Reduction-Auto
  • MPEG Noise reduction-Auto
  • Black Level-High
  • Real Cinema-ON
  • LED Local Dimming-Medium
  • True Motion-User De-judder set to 3, De-Blur set to 5
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