Remote compatible with vizio TV

Since Vizio TVs belong to the budget segment of TVs, the remote controls work using the infrared port. One model of the remote control can fit TVs produced in different years. For example, the XRT-136 remote control comes with 2017-2019 TVs.

Remote control model Model TV Year TV
XRT-136M556-G4, M706-G3, PX65-G1, P659-G1, P759-G1, M507RED-G1, M437-G0, M508-G1, M557-G0, M558-G1, M657-G0, M658-G1, V405-G9, V435-G0, V436-G1, V505-G9, V555-G1, V605-G3, V655-G9, V705-G32019
XRT-136P55RED-F1, D24HN-G9, D24F-G9, D40F-G9, D50X-G9, D55X-G1, PQ65-F1, P55-F1, P65-F1, P75-F1, M55-F0, M70-F3, E43-F1, E50-F2, E55-F1, E65-F0, E65-F1, E70-F1, E75-F1, E75-F2, D50-F1, D55-F2, D60-F3, D65-F1, D70-F32018
XRT-136D34F-F1, D32F-F1, D43F-F1, D50F-F12017
XRT-135D24F-F1, D32F-F1, D43F-F1, D50F-F1, P55-E1, P65-E1, P75-E1, M50-E1, M55-E0, M65-E0, M70-E3, M75-E1, E43-E2, E75-E2, E75-E3, E80-E32017
XRT122D55-E0, D65-E0,D40F-E1, D50F-E1, D50-E1, D55F-E2, D55-E0, D65-E02017
XRT135E50X-E1, E50-E3, E55-E1, E55-E2, E60-E3, E65-E1, E65-E0, E70-E3, 2016
XRT020D32HN-E0, D32HNX-E1, D32HN-E1, D39HN-E0, D43NE1, D50N-E1, D55N-E22016
XRT132P50-C1, P55-C1, P65-C1, P75-C1, M50-D1, M55-D0, M60-D1, M65-D0, M70-D3, M80-D3, E43U-D2, E48U-D0, E50U-D2, E55U-D2, E55U-D0, E60U-D3, E65U-D3, E70U-D32016
XRT133E32-D1, E32H-D1, E40-D0, E43-D2, E48-D0, E50-D1, E55-D02016
XRT020D24HN-D1, D32HN-D0, D39HN-D02016
XRT122D24-D1, D32H-D1, D32-D1, D39H-D0, D40-D1, D43-D1, D43-D2, D48-D0, D50U-D1, D50-D1, D55U-D1, D55-D2, D60-D3, D65U-D2, D65-D2, D650I-C3, D70-D32016
XRT500M43-C1, M49-C1, M50-C1, M55-C2, M60-C3, M65-C1, M70-C3, M75-C1, M80-C32015
XRT112E24-C1, E28H-C1, E32-C1, E32H-C1, E40X-C2, E40-C2, E43-C2, E48-C2, E50-C1, E55-C2, E55-C1, E60-C3, E65X-C2, E65-C3, E70-C32015
XRT500P50UL-B1E, P50UL-B1, P552UI-B2, P602UI-B3, P652UI-B2, P702UI-B3, M322I-B1, M422I-B1, M492I-B2, M502I-B1, M522I-B2, M602I-B3, M652I-B2, M702I-B3, M801I-A32014
XRT020E231-B1, E231I-B1, E241-B1, E241I-B1, E280-B1, E280I-B1, E320-B2, 2014
XRT112E320I-B2, E390I-B1E, E400I-B2, E420I-B0, E480I-B22014
XRT510M501D-A2R, M551D-A2R, M601D-A3R, M651D-A2R, M701D-A3R, M801D-A3R, M321I-A2, M401I-A3, M471I-A22013
XRT112E241I-A1, E291I-A1, E401I-A2, E551I-A2, E601I-A3E, E701I-A3E2013

XRT-136 TV Vizio Remote


The XRT-136 remote control comes with TVs 2017, 2018, 2019. In 2018-2019, this remote control is shipped for all Vizio TVs. Of the features derived separate buttons for the most popular applications.

XRT-135 TV Vizio Remote


XRT-135 – The XRT-135 remote control is suitable for some models of TVs 2016-2017. Minimalist design, replaced by the new XRT-136

XRT-133 TV Vizio Remote


XRT133 Remote – Also for 2016 Vizio TVs. Design is similar to XRT132.

XRT-132 TV Vizio Remote


XRT132 – a remote control for TVs in 2016. But not widespread. It was an attempt to create a remote control with a minimalistic number of buttons.

XRT-122 TV Vizio Remote


The XRT122 remote control was supplied with Vizio TV models from 2015 to 2017 inclusive.

XRT-112 TV Vizio Remote


RXT112 – The 2013-2015 Vizio TV remote was later replaced by the XRT122.

XRT-500 TV Vizio Remote

Remote control with a keyboard. Delivered to TVs 2014-2015. Many users liked this idea. But subsequently from such a remote control Vizio refused. The keyboard did not work quite well with the applications on the TV. Since the keyboard uses infrared control signals to transmit the signal, LEDs are placed on the side of the keyboard. When working with the keyboard, you need to monitor how you hold the remote control.

XRT-020 TV Vizio Remote

XRT020 – Remote control for Vizio 2014-2016 TVs. This remote has replaced the XRT010 remote. A fairly simple remote with a minimalist design.

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