Sony Bravia remote control compatibility list

What You Need to Know About Sony TV Remote Controls

Remote controls for Sony TVs are practically not tied to the model year of the TV. For example, the remote control may come with TV models of 2018 and 2019. For the correct selection of the remote you need to know the correspondence of the model number of the TV and the model number of the remote control.

What does the model number of the remote control mean

RMF, RMT are models of the remote control of one series but for a different class of TVs. RMF is a remote control with a built-in microphone. RMT – remote control without a microphone. If the TV supports managing applications using voice commands, it is equipped with an RMF remote control. If the TV does not support voice command control then the RMT remote control.

RMT-TX300, RMT-TX310 – if the remote controls have a change in the model number, for example TX300 and TX310, this means modification of the remote control.

The letter U at the end of the RMF-TX600U remote control model number indicates the country or region for which the remote control is intended. The letters indicate the next region / country

  • U – USA, Canada, Mexico,
  • B – Latin America
  • E – Europe
  • T, P, C – Asia and Oceania

Sony Remote and TV Compatibility Chart

remote control modelyearTV modelcountry
2RMF-TX500U2020KD-X750H, XBR-X950H, XBR-X900H XBR-X800H, KD-X750HUS
4RMF-TX600U RMF-TX500U2019XBR-X950G, XBR-65X850GUS
5RMF-TX310U, RMF-TX310B2019-2018XBR-A8G, XBR-X830FUS
8RMF-TX310U2018-2019XBR-X900F, XBR-X850F, KD-X780F, KD-65X750F, XBR-X800GUS
10RMF-TX300U2017-2018XBR-X850E, XBR-X800E, KD-X730F, XBR-Z9FUS
11RMT-TX300U2017KD55X720E, KD-X690EUS
12RMF-TX201U TDG-BT500A2016XBR-65Z9DUS
13RMF-TX200U2016-2017XBR-X850D, XBR-X900E, XBR-X930EUS
14RMF-TX100U, RMT-TX100U2015XBR-X850CUS
18RMF-TX500E2020KD-A8, KD-XH9005, KD-XH9096,KD-XH9196, KD-XH9296, KD-XH9505, KD-XH8505, KD-XH8096, KD-XG9505, KD-XG8505, KD-XG8596, KD-XG8796Europe
19RMF-TX600E2020KD-AG9, KD-A85, KD-ZG9, KD-XH8196, KD-XG9505Europe
20RMF-TX300E2017-2019KD-XG7002, KD-XG7003, KD-X7053, KD-X7052, KD-XG7073, KD-XG7093, KD-XE8004, KD-XE8005, KD-XE8077, KD-XE8396, KD-XE9305, KD-XE8596
22RMF-TX220E2018KD-ZF9, KD-AF8, KD-AF9, KD-XG8196Europe
23RMF-TX310E2019 KD-XG8396, KD-XG8096, KD-XG8305, KD-XG9005, KD-XF7596, KD-49XF8096, KD-XF8305, KD-XF8505, KD-XF8577, KD-XF8796, KD-75XF9005, Europe
26RMT-TX300E2019KD-XG7093, KDL-WG663, KDL-WG665, KD-XF7002, KD-XF7003, KD-XF7073, KD-XF7093, KDL-WF660, KDL-WF663, KDL-WF665, KD-XE7002, KD-XE7003, KD-XE7073, KDL-WE753, KDL-WE663Europe
27RM-ED0622018KDL-RF450, KDL-RF453, KDL-RF455, KDL-RE453, KDL-WE613, KDL-RE403Europe
28RMF-TX201A, RMF-TX201E, RMF-TX201T, RMF-TX201P, RMF-TX211C2018KD-A1Europe

Not original, replacing the remote control for Sony TVs

There are many remotes that are not original, in terms of their functions, remotes from other manufacturers can fully match the capabilities of the original remotes. And such remotes can be suitable for a larger number of TV models. But very often the functionality of the remote control may not correspond to the original a little. Before buying, it is advisable to read customer reviews. Remote controls in which the description indicates the replacement of the original remote control are not made by Sony.

RMF-TX600U Remote Control, RMF-TX600E Sony TVs 2019-2020

The RMF-TX600 began to be delivered with TVs in 2019, TV sets are being equipped with this TV in 2020. The remote has a built-in microphone.

Remote control RMF-TX500U, RMF-TX500E TV Sony 2019-2020

RMF-TX500 comes with 2019-2020 TVs

The RMF-TX500 vs RMF-TX600 have the same appearance. But they are not mutually interchangeable, although they have the same capabilities. The remote control will connect via bluetooth to the TV, have a built-in microphone. With their help, you can control the voice commands of applications on the TV.

Remote Control RMF-TX611U

Remote control for XBR-Z8H TV. It differs from RMF-TX600U by the presence of the backlight of the remote control buttons.

RMF-TX100E (RMF-TX100U) vs Sony TVs RMF-ED004

Two similar remote control Sony TVs with the touchpad, One-Flick Touchpad TV.

RMF-TX100E-RMF-TX100E vs RMF-ED004

Different remote controls so that they are designed for different TV models with different operating systems.

RMF-ED004 – model remote for TV in 2014 with the end of the letter designations B.

RMF-TX100E (RMF-TX100U) – Remote control for TV models in 2015 with the operating system Android TV. And since Sony is completely updated line of Smart TVs it turns out that these panels for TVs Smart in 2015.

It works with television sets:

  • X9405C / X9305C
  • X9005C
  • S8505C
  • X8505C / X8507C
  • X8305C / X8307C
  • W808C / W855C / W805C / W807C
  • W755C / W756C
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