Samsung AddWash description of how it works

Samsung AddWash – a series of washing machines in which the main door is another small door mounted in large, and it is located above the water level that can be typed into the washing machine.

Samsung AddWash

Samsung is positioned as an innovation in 2016 allows you to add to the already begun washing things that you forgot to put in the beginning.

Samsung this little extra feature erected in a series of washing machines and made a major advertising trend in 2016 and early 2017.

And now let’s see, in the production costs are minimal, the buyer pays a little more for the washing machine, but not at the very door, and pay for an advertising campaign to promote AddWash washing machines.

What is the practical benefit, in practice minimal, remember how much you are faced with a situation that it is forgotten to put in the washing machine, just a few times a year.

Practically useless feature for the user.

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