Siemens Washing Machine Technology

Siemens offers a range of technological solutions implemented in washing machines 2015-2016 model years.

Siemens Washing mashines

iSensoric Technology

Siemens iSensoric is the ground-breaking innovation in laundry care. All iQ series washing machines have features that derive from the interaction of specific sensors. These sensors are present in different combinations as you progress through the iQ series range. Select the washing machine with the programs that best suit your lifestyle, such as varioPerfect, TextileGuard, Outdoor Wear, autoStain, Auto Programmes or the automatic dosage system i-Dos. All machines have just one goal; perfect laundry care with minimal consumption of energy and water. For a life less ordinary.

i-Dos:Automatic dosage of the detergent Technology

The i-Dos system is the combination of all the sensors. It automatically determines the exact amount of liquid detergent needed for each laundry cycle, based on weight of the load and what programme is used. The built in drawer conveniently holds enough liquid detergent for around 20 washes, meaning you don’t have to measure and fill the container for every wash. Plus as the correct amount of detergent is used every time, clothes will receive the perfect wash.


AutoStain system Technology

Each stain is different, whether it comes to tomatoes, grass or red wine! The autoStain system knows exactly how to handle these stains. The temperature sensor selects the right temperature for the molecular properties of the stain. The flow sensor and load sensor plus choose the right amount of water in order to remove the stain.

Auto Programmes Technology

With Auto programmes the amount of water, energy and the amount of detergent needed is tailored to the amount of laundry in the machine. The flow sensor accurately measures how much water is needed, while the load sensor plus measures how much and what kind of laundry is put into the drum. Each wash cycle will detect the necessary requirements, using minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent, but always with a perfect washing result. Auto programmes- powered by iSensoric.

Textile Guard Technology

Working with Nikwax, Textile Guard applies a waterproof treatment to breathable fabrics, pro-longing the life of high quality functional clothing like winter jackets, fleeces and ski suits. Simply add the Nikwax treatment to your detergent drawer and select the Textile Guard option.

VarioPerfect Technology

With varioPerfect you can determine the washing process depending on what is important to you; saving time or energy, without compromising on quality or cleanliness.

Outdoor Wear Technology

Since outdoor wear is mostly made of synthetic fibre, the dirt stays on the surface and needs to be rinsed with lots of water. With iSensoric, the exact amount of water in relation to the load volume is monitored by the flow sensor and the load sensor plus, to only ever use the optimum amount. As most outdoor wear has welded seams, the temperature sensor also controls the heat level to avoid damage to the seam.

iQdrive: The washing machine motor for highest performance and minimum noise.

The iQdrive motor gives rise to the most efficient and convenient laundry care. It does so by exchanging information with the iSensoric Control Unit in various ways. The torque sensor calculates the actual power supply needed to rotate the drum at every moment of the washing process. This supply is then provided by the iQdrive motor. This leads to always smooth rotations and a constant spin speed. Whenever the 3D sensor detects imbalances during the cycle, the iQdrive immediately countersteers so that the fabrics are once more distributed evenly in the drum. Furthermore, it is a brushless motor without conventional charcoal brushes. With no unnecessary friction or wearing of material, the motor is outstandingly efficient, extremely long-lasting and almost noiseless. The iQdrive comes with a 10 year warranty. iQdrive – powered by iSensoric.


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