You will only need the model number of your Sony TV in certain cases, such as:

  • You have a problem with your TV, then you need the model and serial number to contact customer service and get help.
  • You want to know the model to determine the year the TV was manufactured, usually to determine if a certain streaming service works on that model of TV.
  • You want to sell an old TV and you need to know the model.

Options for finding information about your Sony TV

There are several ways to find out the model number of your Sony TV:

  • On a sticker on the back of the TV: The sticker is always there; if the TV is hanging on the wall, the sticker is hard to read; use another method.
  • In the TV’s menu: In the user support or system information settings. Of course, this method only works with a working TV.
  • In the store account: Recall where you bought the TV; you can find your purchase history if you bought it online.
  • If you registered the TV on the manufacturer’s website, you can find the TV model in your devices.
  • On the packing box: If you still have it, which is unlikely, in the future I recommend taking a picture of the sticker on the box after purchase and saving the picture to the cloud.
  • Since Sony TVs use an operating system developed by Google, if you are logged in to your account, your TV model will be available in the information on the active devices page from your account.

TV information on a sticker on the back of the TV set

The TV sticker is the most reliable way to find information, it is always on the back of the TV, but its shape and the amount of information printed on the sticker may vary, it depends on the factory where the TV was assembled and the year of manufacture. Nevertheless, if you study the sticker carefully, you will find the model number and serial number on it, here is an example of stickers on Sony TVs.

How to find the model number in the TV menu

Depending on the year of manufacture, your TV may have different operating systems and versions installed, so there are different ways to find the model and serial numbers. You can usually find information about your TV under System Information, Support, or About TV. Here’s how to find the model and serial number of your Sony TV depending on the year of manufacture. I will give you a brief way to search the TV menu without pictures, for convenience I will organize the information in a table.

YearOSyear identifierPath to find model and serial number
2021-2024Google TVJ, K, L (K-*****)1. press Home button
2. select Settings
3. select Set-up
4. select Product information
2018-2020Android TVF, G, H1. press the Home button.
2. Navigate to Apps.
3. Select Help & App.
4. This page should display the model number of your TV.
2015-2017Android TVC, D, E1. press the Home button.
2. Go to the bottom left corner and select Help.
3. Select Contact and Support.
4. This page should display the model number of the TV.
2013-2014Smart TVA, B 1. press the Home button.
2. Go to the upper left corner and select Settings.
3. Select Product Support.
4. Select Contact Sony.
5. This page should display the model number of the TV.

Other ways to find out the model number of your Sony TV

In your Sony account, if you have registered your TV, you will find a list of your devices. Depending on your country and preference, the name of the account login menu may differ, for example, in the US it’s Account and in Europe it’s My Sony. Either way, for your convenience, the account login menu is located in the top right corner of the Sony website.

And of course, you can see the devices where you’re logged into your account through your Google account. This works great for Sony TVs starting in 2021, since those TVs use the Google TV OS and most users are logged into their account on the TV. Go to and it will take you to a page with a list of devices with an active Google account.

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