In the products of the company Dell you can find a mention of some codes and parts of equipment, now we will tell you what the following codes mean by the example of the monitor Dell P2720DC. So, in the description of the monitor you can see a mention of

  • Manufacturer Part MCCVV
  • Dell Part 210-AULN
  • Order Code P2720dcsap

What is Manufacturer Part Dell

Manufacturer Part Dell – is a manufacturer’s code, Dell mainly orders all its products from other manufacturers. This is the code of the developed device (monitor) in the company which is engaged in development and assembly of Dell product, in our case this monitor from the manufacturer passes as a device with code number MCCVV.

What is Dell Part 210-AULN

Dell Part is a catalog number in Dell. It allows to identify the equipment from the internal company catalog. Why it is necessary, as a rule, the internal catalog systematizes the equipment. For example, Dell Part 210-AULN means the following, 210 is a product from the category monitors, and 4 letters is a product code, 4 letters allow to create about 450 000 combinations.

What is the Dell Order Code

Order Code (Dell) is the commercial name of the equipment model, also it is the model number. The model number, as a rule, is more adapted to the understanding of an ordinary buyer. For example, P2720dcsap can be explained as follows, P is a series of monitors, 27 size diagonal, 20 model, dcsap modification.

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