What is FreeSync

FreeSync – technology of frame rate synchronization between the device creating video (computer, game console with monitor or TV). Freesync was invented mainly for monitors, but when TVs began to be widely used as a monitor, especially for connecting game consoles, FreeSync is now available in the TV. FreeSync works at the software level, it is a program, one works with a graphics card and the other program is installed in the monitor.

How FreeSync works

FreeSync only works when the device is connected to the monitor (TV) via HDMI or DisplayPort. Two programs work with each other, a video card over a digital interface, tells the monitor how often frames are generated and the monitor adapts to the video card. The monitors are designed to display the image at a certain frame rate. And with low performance graphics cards and monitors, artifacts appeared on the screen. For example, the monitor is set to 75 Hz, and the graphics card produces 35 to 75 frames, as a result, you will see on the screen jerking or artifacts. FreeSync technology is designed to make the image smoother and synchronize the video card and monitor. If the video card generates few frames, the monitor receives a command to show two identical frames. Well, more than the resolution set on the video card monitor does not generate, because it is unnecessary.
The initial goal of FreeSync is to make the image smooth with a small number of frames.

AMD FreeSync 1 vs AMD FreeSync 2

In fact, there is no difference between FreeSync 1 and FreeSync 2. FreeSync 2 was invented for marketing to highlight expensive monitors. And many monitor manufacturers, began to write in the description, our new monitor supports FreeSync 2. But even AMD, practically does not mention the technology FreeSync 2 . Ironically, in AMD, FreeSync is divided into three categories rather than two.

  • FreeSync
  • FreeSync Premium
  • FreeSyn Premium Pro

Yes, you can read about the FreeSync categories https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/free-sync, but there’s not much you’ll understand, and we’ll explain it popularly now.

FreeSync vs FreeSync Premium vs FreeSyn Premium Pro Differences

FreeSync is a simplified program used in monitors that have a maximum frequency of 75 frames (75Hz). And the task is simply to synchronize the work of the monitor with the video card (repeat frames if necessary). It is used in entry-level monitors.
FreeSync Premium – More advanced program for interaction between monitor and video card. The monitor supports a frequency of at least 120 frames per second. And the monitor also supports a floating rate.
FreeSync Premium Pro – When HDR support was introduced, the monitor needed not only to show the image, but also to respond to HDR metadata and process this data. It takes time, in new FreeSync processing programs it is taken into account. And the monitor also transmits to the computer information about its capabilities, to accelerate the work, the information that the monitor in HDR can not display, just ignored by the graphics card.

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