All these brands, belong to the French group SEB. The Group owns 31 brands as of 2020. SEB Group sells various home appliances in 150 countries under different brands. SEB ranks its brands by categories, depending on the quality and price of the produced products, customers are available products from three categories:

  • The main brands are Arno, ASIA vina, Calor, Clock, Emsa, Imusa, Original Kaiser, Krups, Maharaja Whiteline, Mirro, Moulinex, OBH Nodica, Panex, Rochedo, Rowenta, Samurai, SEB, Supor, Tefal, Umco, WearEver.
  • Premium brands, 5 brands All-Clad, Krampouz, Lagastina, Silit, WMF.
  • Professional brands Hepp, Krampouz, Schaerer, WMF, Curtis.

Where products are manufactured brands owned by SEB Arno, ASIA vina, Calor, Clock, Emsa, Imusa, Original Kaiser, Krups, Maharaja Whiteline, Mirro, Moulinex, OBH Nodica, Panex, Rochedo, Rowenta, Samurai, SEB, Supor, Tefal, Umco, WearEver.

The main production of household appliances, located in China, some products are manufactured in South America. Premium products that the consumer chooses because of the brand, without paying attention to the price, are produced in Germany and France.

Arno – Until 1997, it was a Brazilian company, absorbed by SEB in 1997, produces in factories in Brazil, various home appliances, kitchen appliances, clothes care products, fans, vacuum cleaners. Household appliances are sold in Brazil and South America.

ASIA vina – Vietnamese brand, the former company Asia Fan, absorbed by SEB in 2011 bought back 65% of the shares, in 2015 100% of the shares bought back by SEB, produces fans at two factories in Vietnam. The products are supplied and sold in Vietnam in the domestic market, China, France and South America.

Calor – The brand was established in 2007 to promote in France and Belgium. Under this brand name are offered hair dryers, hair care products, hair removal devices, clothes care irons.

Clock – Brand Brazilian company was bought in 1995 by PANEX. In 2005 SEB bought PANEX together with Clock. It produces pressure cookers for Brazil and South America.

Emsa – The German company was acquired by SEB in 2015. Engaged in the production of dishes and various garden products made of plastic. Headquarters in Germany, production in China and Vietnam.

Imusa – Colombian company, in 2011 acquired SEB. Direction of activity: production of tableware from aluminum and plastic. Also produces small household appliances for kitchen, blenders, rice cookers. Production is located in Colombia. Market of goods produced in Colombia, more than half of the products manufactured are sold in the domestic market, some products are exported to Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, USA and some other countries.

Original Kaiser – brand belongs to WMF group of companies, which was bought out by SEB. WMF also owns brands Silit, Schaerer, Hepp, Curtis. Brand Original Kaiser, under this brand are produced various products for baking, shapes, trays. Production of goods Original Kaiser occurs in Germany in the city of Geislingen. It was reported that in Geisslingen in 2020 it is planned to stop production of steel tableware. Original Kaiser will be produced at other plants of SEB, but probably not in Germany.

Krups is originally a German company, producing coffee machines and other kitchen appliances. In 1991 it was bought out by Moulinex, in 2001 after the bankruptcy of Moulinex was bought out by SEB. Krups brand is associated as a premium brand, although SEB does not believe so, Krups belongs to the major brands, not premium. Where are the products brand Krups. For Europe, the goods are produced in factories in France, it is expensive coffee machines, cheaper coffee machines in China. For the American market, production is located in Mexico.

Maharaja Whiteline – Indian manufacturer of small home appliances, in 2011, the controlling interest of the company was bought out by SEB. In 2014, SEB fully bought out the company. All Maharaja Whiteline products are manufactured in India for the Indian market.

Mirro, WearEver – American brands, dishes were produced by the Mirro Aluminum Company main production was located in the United States. In 1983, the company was bought by Newell Companies, which in 2003 completely closed factories in the United States. It was also decided to sell all assets and trade brands. In 2004, the company Global Home Products bought Mirro brand together with the brands Regal and Wear-Ever and merged them into The WearEver Company. In 2006, the French Groupe SEB bought the company Wearever as a result of the bankruptcy of Global Home Products. Dinnerware Mirro and WearEver sold in the U.S. and is positioned as a brand trusted for over a hundred years. But this is not true, the brand yes, there are more than a hundred years, but from the dishes produced 20-30 years ago was only the name. Now the tableware is produced at various factories of SEB group, for example in Vietnam.

Moulinex – French company produced small household appliances, went bankrupt in 2001. SEB purchased profitable assets in the bankruptcy process and became the owner of the brand. Now products Moulinex are produced at the factories of the SEB group in China and France, as well as some equipment is assembled under the outsourcing scheme at assembly plants in other countries, such as Russia.

OBH Nodica – home appliances brand for the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. OBH Nordica was formed by the merger of two companies in 2002: the Swedish “Nordica” and Danish “OBH”. In 2015, it was bought back by the SEB Group. Household appliances are produced in China at SEB factories. OBH Nordica is engaged in marketing and sales of products, vacuum cleaners, small kitchen appliances, blenders, fryers, body and hair care products.

Panex, Rochedo – Brands for Brazil, were owned by a Brazilian company, including the brand Clock, in 2005 was taken over by SEB, Panex is engaged in the production of low-cost cookware, Rochedo brand for tableware more expensive category. The manufactured goods are sold in South America, factories are located in Brazil.

Rowenta – German manufacturer of home appliances, since 1988 belongs to the SEB group. This is one of the first brands purchased by SEB. The brand is well promoted and represented in different countries. For example, in the U.S. are offered devices for the care of clothes, appliances for home fans, humidifiers. In Europe, the assortment is a little bit more extended, also available toasters, coffee machines, hair care products. The main plants in China, some categories of products are produced in Germany and France.

Samurai – popular in Colombia brand of home appliances in 1998 was bought back by SEB. SEB group home appliances are sold in Colombia. They are produced in factories of SEB mainly in China.

SEB – here it is clear the brand of the SEB group, the goods of the SEB brand are mainly sold in France. Products are manufactured in factories in China.

Supor – a Chinese company produces dishes and small household appliances, in 2006 was bought by SEB. This is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances in China. At the factories of this company, produces a lot of home appliances brands owned by SEB. Brand Supor is saved for the Chinese market.

Tefal – under this brand began to produce the first speeds with non-stick coating, Teflon. SEB bought Tefal back in 1968, expanding the range of products sold under the brand Tefal, a segment of small appliances and kitchen appliances. Tefal products are produced in China. In the North American market, the brand is presented as T-Fal.

Umco – brand for home appliances used by SEB in Africa and Asia.

Premium brands All-Clad, Krapouz, Lagastina, Silit, WMF

All-Clad – American brand was established in 1971, the company All-Clad Metalcrafters several times changed the owner, since 2004 belongs to SEB. SEB continues to produce dishes, some of the dishes are made in the U.S., some in China. Positioned as a quality expensive brand, the average cost of the frying pan is about $ 80.

Krampouz – French producer of pancakes, grills, since 2019 belongs to SEB.

Lagastina – Italian stainless steel cookware manufacturer, in 2004 bought by SEB, the main plants in China, a small number of cookware is produced in Italy and France.

Silit – note that brands WMF, Schaerer, Hepp, Curtis – brands are owned by WMF, which in turn belongs to SEB. Silit German brand was founded in 1920 by WMF, in 1960 it was separated into a separate company, in 1998 again became the property of WMF. Since 2016, the company is engaged only in production, marketing and sales are carried out by other WMF divisions.

WMF – a German group of companies, produces tableware, some products are manufactured in Europe and is positioned as an expensive high quality tableware.

Professional brands Hepp, Krampouz, Schaerer, WMF, Curtis.

Hepp – German brand, since 1988 in the WMF. Produces silverware and stainless steel tableware.

Krampouz – French brand, also produces professional equipment for cafes and restaurants.

Schaerer – Swiss company produces coffee machines for offices, bars. Since 2006 it belongs to WMF, and with WMF belongs to SEB since 2016. Coffee machines are produced in Switzerland are positioned as a premium and professional brand. Quite expensive, the cost of one coffee machine from $ 8000.

Curtis is an American company, specialized in the production of professional coffee machines, tea brewing machines, brewery. In 2019, was bought by SEB, as part of the company’s policy, to firmly enter the market of coffee machines and other equipment for coffee preparation and become one of the leading companies in this field of production.

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